Who’s Still Together After The Ultimatum Season 2 (& Couples’ Breakups)

Who's Still Together After The Ultimatum Season 2 (& Couples' Breakups)

The Ultimatum season 2 challenged the boundaries and bonds of the five couples who decided — who knows why — to participate in a reality TV social experiment. Although there doesn’t appear to have been any real infidelity (sure, the couples are labeled broken up, but come on) on the show and the drama was pretty tame compared to the first season (minus Lisa Horne’s baby and jealousy drama with Brian Okoye). That said, some couples’ relationships showed some serious dysfunction and toxic elements. So, who’s still together after The Ultimatum season 2 and which couples broke up?

Are Roxanne & Antonio Engaged Or Married After The Ultimatum Season 2?

Antonio with Roxanne before they went on The Ultimatum season 2

Antonio with Roxanne before they went on The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

Despite domineering Roxanne Kaiser slagging boyfriend Antonio Mattei‘s laziness and bad habits as a former video game junkie throughout the show, she ended up realizing how much she loved him by the end of the experiment. She told her parents, Larry and Zahra, she didn’t care about a guy throwing trips and gifts at her anymore. Roxanne, now age 32, valued Antonio’s loyalty and dependability higher. She still expected him to raise his ambitions and figure out his finances, however.

Well, Antonio’s Instagram shows he did just that. Following in her footsteps of creating her business PastedNip, Antonio, age 30, opened his own Tint World car accessories and modifications store last July. Antonio also still has plenty of pictures up with Roxanne and him as a couple. It appears they both still live in or around Atlanta, Georgia.

On the finale, Roxanne gushed about Antonio’s devotion and for showing her true love. The two read out notes to each other and then Roxanne, apparently a bit reluctantly, said yes to marrying Antonio. On the reunion episode, Roxanne wore rings on every finger of her left hand except her ring finger. Antonio said he was hurt and felt she was embarrassed to be his fiancée. Despite their issues, they’re still engaged, but Roxanne definitely isn’t ready to marry him. She said “absolutely not” to co-host Nick Lachey asking her if she would marry Antonio that day.

Apparently the two are more in love than ever and are working on Antonio’s car business together.

Roxanne and Antonio celebrating getting engaged on The Ultimatum season 2

Roxanne and Antonio celebrating getting engaged on The Ultimatum season 2 (Netflix).

Who’s Still Together After The Ultimatum Season 2: Brian & Lisa Getting Married After They Had A Baby Boy

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Brian and Lisa

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Brian and Lisa (Netflix).

It looks like a friend of Brian’s on social media let the cat out of the bag in July, before the show premiered, the status of his relationship with Lisa.

“WTF! WE KNOW YOU GETTING MARRIED, GET OUTTA HERE!!!!” a friend of Brian’s on Instagram said to the news about them appearing on the show. So they’re most likely engaged and are planning to get married soon. The reunion was filmed months ago, but as of then, they were just in a committed relationship. 

Brian and Lisa abruptly dropped out of The Ultimatum season 2 experiment when Lisa found out she was pregnant. Fans thought Lisa fabricated the pregnancy because she didn’t want Brian to get matched with Riah Nelson. But it turns out The Ultimatum season 2 started filming in late September in areas of Charlotte, North Carolina. So that’s well over nine months, plenty of time for Lisa to have already delivered the baby. Lisa also had a ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. So it looks like Brian and Lisa are now a family of four and soon-to-be wed.

Lisa and Brian confirmed they’re still together in an interview, too. They worked on their many issues and are focused on raising their family.

Despite Lisa’s intense jealousy and her slapping Brian, things worked out. Lisa even apologized to Riah and Brian since the show aired. Brian and Lisa also shared photos at the reunion of their baby boy.

Brian with his and Lisa's baby son

Brian with his and Lisa’s baby son (Netflix).

Riah & Trey Still Together & Engaged After The Ultimatum Season 2

The Ultimatum's Riah And Trey: All Fans Need To Know

Riah’s Instagram gave every indication she and Trey (Treyvon) Brunson broke up on/or after The Ultimatum season 2. Riah told her trial husband James Morris, “For me, there’s something missing.” She also didn’t have her career figured out and wanted Trey to come with her to Atlanta for her to figure things out. Riah also was very disappointed Trey didn’t take her out on dates or do anything romantic.

Trey’s Instagram also didn’t have any signs of his time dating Riah, either, before the finale and reunion dropped. At the end of the first three weeks, Trey admitted to her he had developed feelings for Ryann McCracken. Riah didn’t know if she could get over him liking another woman. That, despite her saying how attracted she was to Brian. “Brian’s cute. He was making me hot.”

Riah, age 25, also didn’t know if she wanted to have kids after having a miscarriage a couple years prior. Trey, age 29, has a career and is financially set, so he was looking to settle down sooner than later. However, other clues on social media suggested the two were still going strong.

Riah’s older sister Shaquerra posted on Facebook that Trey was her “Bruh In Law.” Trey also follows Shaquerra and Riah’s reverend mom on Facebook, suggesting they’re still together.

On the finale, Trey told Riah he loved her more than and “wanted to go through everything with you”. He proposed and Riah said yes. On the reunion, they talked about how they have much more open communication now and don’t fight like they used to. Riah says the relationship also feels new again. On September 2, Riah announced she’s five-months pregnant with Trey’s baby and her due date is January 5, 2024. The couple are planning to have a destination wedding with friends in Turks and Caicos.

Trey proposing to Riah on The Ultimatum season 2's finale

Trey proposing to Riah on The Ultimatum season 2’s finale (Netflix).

Couple James & Ryann Got Engaged On The Ultimatum Season 2

James and Ryann from The Ultimatum season 2

James and Ryann from The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

South Carolinian couple James and Ryann were high school sweethearts and Ryann had gotten fed up with waiting to marry and have a family. James admitted on the show to cheating on Ryann in the past while out of state. He also opened up about suffering from PTSD and lashed out at Ryann during a dinner for her tapping her nails. James’s lack of reassurance and ability to decide if Ryann was the one was making her reassess their relationship.

On the finale, Ryann said she saw James making progress in opening up and communicating his feelings better. James and Ryann got engaged on the show, after James said he wouldn’t want to work on his problems with anyone but Ryann. They were still happily engaged when the reunion filmed, too, and James had moved in with Ryann and her family. However, Ryann recently deleted most of her pictures with James, so there may have been a breakup in the last little while.

Ryann and James embracing after they got engaged on the finale episode

Ryann and James embracing after they got engaged on the finale episode (Netflix).

Kat & Alex Plan To Get Married In May 2024

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Alex and Kat enjoying a hike together

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Alex and Kat enjoying a hike together (Instagram).

Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman appeared to not have any real major issues in their relationship. Other than Alex not knowing about taking the plunge to get married, he didn’t have any real complaints about Kat other than communicating more and being more assertive or challenging him. Kat knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Alex already.

Alex’s recent posts on Instagram include him with a baby boy. Alex’s mom Jennifer even commented on one post, “Love my grandbaby! And Alex.” Alex tricked many people into believing him and Kat had a baby together. However, it turns out the baby is Alex’s nephew from his brother and his brother’s wife having a kid. Also, a Redditor found Kat in a photo with a wedding ring on, but the photo has since been deleted. So, the two got engaged on the show.

On the finale, Kat said she wanted Alex to be a little more expressive with his emotions. He definitely did that, telling Kat how much he cared for her and that she was his best friend he wanted to go through life with. On the reunion, Kat and Alex were excited to share they had set a date in May 2024 their nuptials. Roxanne was upset to not get an invite.

Kat and Alex celebrating their engagement together on The Ultimatum season 2's finale

Kat and Alex celebrating their engagement together on The Ultimatum season 2’s finale (Netflix).

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