The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast: Couples’ Ages, Jobs, IGs, TikToks, Hometowns, More

The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast: Couple's Ages, Jobs, IGs, TikToks, Hometowns, More

Netflix is finally released the long-anticipated The Ultimatum season 2 on Wednesday, August 23, and reality TV fans couldn’t wait to find out all about the cast after the explosive preview. “She informed us that she had taken a pregnancy test,” co-host Nick Lachey told the cast after Lisa Horne tested positive on a pregnancy test. The first season released on April 6 and quickly climbed to the top of the charts. Who could forget a domineering April Marie Melohn or now-happily-married Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori‘s rocky road on the show. Now Netflix reality TV viewers get to watch five new couples based in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, figure out if they want to get married or move on after temporarily breaking up and swapping partners. Here’s everything fans need to know about The Ultimatum season 2 cast filmed in fall of 2022.

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Couple Kat & Alex From The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast

Couple Alex and Kat starring on The Ultimatum season 2

Couple Alex and Kat starring on The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

“You’re about to be my ex boyfriend. I think you’re going to get jealous,” Kat (Kathryn) Shelton told her boyfriend Alex Chapman at the start of the show. “You better not like another girl better than me.” The blonde beauty Kat warned, after she was the one to give the ultimatum.

Alex and Kat started officially dating on October 21, 2020 after meeting on dating app Hinge according to Netflix’s Tudum. The two dated two years before filming The Ultimatum season 2. Kat, a former cheerleader and lifeguard, loves the beach, spending time with friends and family, traveling the world and America, and the outdoors. She loves traveling so much she decided to work as a registered nurse across America. For her undergrad she attended the University of South Carolina in her home state, she then graduated Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, for nursing school.

Kat’s Instagram reveals she’s close to her family, two younger brothers and loves to watch professional golf and football. Kat is 28 years-old and celebrates her birthday on November 10. That makes her zodiac sign Scorpio, so viewers should expect Kat’s personality to be intuitive and clever. Kat’s TikTok shows she also likes to party and ski.


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Alex’s Instagram shows he’s a huge fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, loves the outdoors, traveling, and hanging with friends and family. Alex works in software sales and apparently has a pragmatic and logical mind. His Facebook profile says he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also previously lived in Illinois. He’s age 31, but he hasn’t publicly shared his birthday info.

As a couple, Alex and Kat struggle to communicate their emotions to one another. However, Kat’s convinced Alex is the love of her life. The two have traveled many parts of the US together and love to hike and camp in America’s national parks. They’ve explored Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite, Mount Rainier National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and various other mountain trails.

Their current relationship status is unknown, but they’ve got lots of pictures as a couple still up. Furthermore, Alex has recent pictures with a baby speculating these two may have stayed together and have a newborn baby now.

James & Ryann From The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast

James and Ryann from Netflix The Ultimatum season 2

Ryann and James from Netflix The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

James Morris and Ryann McCracken started dating at the age of 16 and are high school sweet hearts. They grew up in Kingstree, South Carolina, where James was on the high school football team and Ryann was competing in beauty pageants and was the prom queen. After high school, James attended school outside of state, and ended up cheating on her. “I cheated on Ryann,” James admits in The Ultimatum season 2’s previews. At age 24 and dating for seven years, Ryann gave James the ultimatum to get married or move on.

James’s Instagram doesn’t include many photos, but he still has a few up of him and Ryann together. James celebrates his birthday on December 21 and is age 24, like girlfriend Ryann. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which helps explain his keen interest in academics. James works as grad student and research assistant. One of his reasons for holding off on marriage is he doesn’t feel financially stable enough yet, and wants to first establish a high-paying job.

Ryann and James back in the day as high school sweet hearts

Ryann and James back in the day as high school sweet hearts (Instagram).

Ryann is very close with her family and is the eldest of three siblings, with a younger sister and brother. Her birthday is on September 18, making her a sympathetic and practical Virgo. Ryann works as a radiologic technologist after attending Florence-Darlington technical college. Ryann’s Instagram shows she loves to travel within the States, like Gainsville, Georgia, Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida, as well as family holidays in the Caribbean.

James and Ryann look like they have a turbulent time on The Ultimatum season 2, so it’s definitely up in the air if they ended up together after the show. However, Ryann’s TikTok has lots of cute videos of the couple happily together before they went on the show.


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Riah & Trey From The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast

The Ultimatum season 2 star Riah

The Ultimatum season 2 star Riah (Instagram).

Couple Riah (Jeriah) Nelson and Trey (Treyvon) Brunson met through a dating app and started by dating long distance before Riah moved in with Trey. After two years dating, Trey gave Riah the ultimatum to get married and start a lifetime partnership together or break up. However, Riah didn’t see any successful marriages growing up as a kid and is afraid of commitment. Trey’s also worried Riah has ideas of a perfect life from too much social media consumption.

Trey from season 2 of The Ultimatum

Trey from season 2 of The Ultimatum (Instagram).

Riah, who’s a managing server and worked at Hooters at around the time she and Trey decided to go on The Ultimatum season 2 in the fall of 2022. Riah’s TikTok videos show her with other servers at Hooters and her dancing and modeling different outfits.


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Riah’s Instagram shows she graduated from USC after three years of study in journalism and then started her modeling career. She’s currently signed with major talent and modeling management firm MMG. Riah had recently turned age 24 when on the show, but she’s now 25. She celebrates her birthday on July 17, which makes her zodiac sign Cancer. We’ll have to see if Riah exhibits her astrological sign of showing intuitiveness and nurturing spirit. Riah lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Trey’s Instagram has a lot less posts on it, but it shows he also is a USC grad in mechanical engineering and is age 29. However, Trey’s birthday is March 26, so he was 28 while filming the show. His zodiac sign is Aries, which explains his confidence and highly competitive nature. He now works as an area manager at a paper mill. Trey loves buying sportscars like his Mustang and vacationing with family and friends in Florida.

Trey and Riah don’t have any pictures together on their social media, suggesting the two may have called it quits at the end of The Ultimatum social experiment.

Antonio & Roxanne From The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Roxanne Kaiser and Antonio Mattei met years ago and felt a strong connection, but Roxanne didn’t want a relationship. They eventually connected again on social media and dated “on and off” for four years leading to Antonio pushing the ultimatum on Roxanne, per Netflix’s Tudum. She thought the experiment was a good idea to test Antonio if he can be more romantic and supportive. Entrepreneur Roxanne also wants Antonio to show more ambition and match her higher income.

Antonio’s Instagram shows he used to play lacrosse competitively in high school and is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. His LinkedIn shows he worked as a freight broker. He previously studied journalism and film at Georgia State University. This July, Antonio opened his own business, Tint World in Tyrone, Georgia. His business offers window tinting and other upgrades and accessories for cars. Antonio, age 30, celebrates his birthday on or near August 12. That makes his zodiac sign Leo, which could explain his confidence and loyalty.

Roxanne’s Instagram shows she’s the founder and CEO of wildly successful business PastedNip. The company offers nipple covers so women can go bra-less. She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015, and worked in logistics, per LinkedIn, like Antonio before launching her own company. The Persian beauty loves to travel all around the USA and Europe, as well as Mexico and Canada. Roxanne’s birthday is December 18, which makes her a an adventurous Sagittarius. Although Roxanne was 31 while on The Ultimatum season 2, she’s now 32.


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Roxanne doesn’t have any pictures with Antonio since the start of 2022. So it looks like things could’ve ended after The Ultimatum experiment. But Antonio has a picture of the couple still together in Sept. 2022, so perhaps they figured out their relationship issues.

Lisa & Brian From The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Brian and Lisa

The Ultimatum season 2 couple Brian and Lisa (Netflix).

Brian Okoye and Lisa Horne dated two years before Lisa decided they needed to go on a Netflix reality TV show to figure out if Brian is ready to propose, get married, and start a family. Their relationship started as casual hookups as friends with benefits, but six months of the situationship and Lisa issued her first ultimatum to Brian. He agreed to dated exclusively, per Tudum. Brian does like how Lisa pushes him to be good, and Lisa likes how he gets along with her 10-year-old daughter. That said, Brian’s also hesitant to get married because of Lisa’s “jealousy issues”, which going on the ultimatum seemed to provoke even more. The previews show Lisa blowing up on Brian.

Brian’s Instagram shows his birthday is on December 11, which makes him yet another Sagittarius zodiac sign. On the show, Brian was age 28, but he turned 29 at the end of 2022. Brian works as a financial analyst, but he’s also building a marketing agency called Spiral World Wide launching at the end of 2023. It’s usually a red flag when a reality TV star goes on a reality TV show to figure out a relationship but is also promoting a new business.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s Instagram shows she’s a successful boss lady as the VP of clinical services and stunning swimwear model. She’s also a philanthropist supporting The Noelle Foundation. Lisa’s TikTok, with only one post, makes it clear she loves to go partying and clubbing, too.


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Lisa’s birthday is on June 19, and she turned 32 in 2023. She was 31 years old while filming The Ultimatum season 2. Lisa’s zodiac sign is Gemini, which likely explains her mercurial temper and dual personality.

Lisa doesn’t include any photos of her daughter on her social media, likely keeping her family life private.

Brian and Lisa don’t have any pictures together, so it looks likely these two could’ve broke up after the reality TV experiment.

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