Love Is Blind: Kwame’s Ethnicity, Family & Nationality Explained

Love Is Blind: Kwame's Ethnicity, Family & Nationality Explained

Love Is Blind Season 4 isn’t an educational show (unless you consider it a public advisory to not get engaged to a stranger, sight unseen) but it does spark interest in different cultures and customs. Love Is Blind Season 3 featured Jewish and Nigerian wedding customs during Alexa Lemieux and SK Alagbada‘s ceremonies. This time around, there’s been some focus on Kwame Appiah’s Ghanaian culture but since his family has been less than supportive it’s been in the background. However, Kwame’s sister Barbara appeared at his wedding to Chelsea Griffin, gifting Kwame’s bride-to-be with a lovely kente cloth purse. Barbara’s very supportive presence, charisma, and her eye-catching orange dress gave us a happy moment amidst the tension. She has fans looking to learn more about Kwame’s Ethnicity, Ghanaian Nationality And Family. Let’s catch the audience up on some details regarding the vibrant West African nation.

Love Is Blind Star Kwame’s Ethnicity & Ghanaian Nationality

Love Is Blind star Kwame's mom and sister Barbara

Love Is Blind star Kwame’s mom and sister Barbara (Facebook).

There’s been a lot of discussion about Kwame’s decision to go back and forth between using the name we know him by and “Alex”. His full name is actually Alex Kwame Owusu Ansah Appiah but he has received a lot of judgment for not wanting to be “boxed in” by the name “Kwame,” with unfounded accusations he’s ashamed of his Black heritage. It is actually quite common for Ghanaian people to have “day names” in addition to Western or Arabic names. The name “Kwame” is a day name, showing that Kwame was born on Saturday. Other parts of Ghanaian names explain where the person came from or share the name of a deceased relative. Kwame was named after his now deceased uncle Alex Owusu Appiah, and “Owusu” has some more clues associated with it.

Kwame's dad with his sister at her wedding

Kwame’s dad with his sister at her wedding (Facebook).

Owusu is a common name for the Akan people — likely Kwame’s ethnicity and Ghanian nationality — who have a tradition of matriarchal mothers deciding who inherits property. This might explain why Kwame was so reluctant to go against his mother’s wishes. Like many Akan, Kwame’s family is obviously Christian (though Barbara and his brother Jerry call him out for not praying often). Kwame has mentioned his birthplace as well — the port town of Tema, outside Ghana’s capital of Accra. Kwame’s IG features a story Kwame talks about not meeting his parents until he was age 8, and was raised by his uncle — likely the same uncle he was named after. Although Kwame has a Ghanian background, he also appears to be an American citizen, too.

Kwame's brother Jerry

Older brother Jerry talking to Kwame (Netflix).

Kwame’s Family: Who are Kwame’s Mom, Brother & Sister?

Kwame talking to his sister before his wedding ceremony with Chelsea

Love Is Blind star Kwame talking to his sister before his wedding ceremony with Chelsea (Netflix).

We won’t be seeing or hearing Kwame’s mom on the show. Some have speculated that the “conversation” we saw with Kwame — the youngest of his family — trying to tell his mom he was marrying Chelsea was faked. Others claim that she didn’t consent to appear or have her voice heard. However, we can find out some details about Jerry and Barbara. Jerry’s LinkedIn shows that he is an IT professional, but he works in faraway West Virginia for Berkley County Council. He’s also worked in healthcare with Community Radiology Associates and in D.C. for Thompson Gas as a Reporting Analyst. He’s a graduate of the University of Maryland, and his numerous jobs show he has the same love of exploring as his brother. Jerry’s Facebook shows he is married with children — his wife’s name is Lacey and his son recently turned 5.

Barbara seems to have taken her husband’s name and goes by Barbara Tennor, and she also lives in Maryland. She works as an RN and administrator with Meritus Health, according to Barbara’s Linkedin. Barbara is also married and adores her little daughter Gabby. Barbara’s Facebook profile shows pictures of Kwame’s mom with family in church. She favors the same style of orange dress as her daughter. Kwame (and Barbara’s) father also appears in her display pic, walking his daughter down the aisle.

Though many fans have dragged Kwame, he obviously comes from a loving family with a powerful attachment to their culture.

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