Love Is Blind’s Kwame: Age, IG, TikTok, Sales Job & More

Love Is Blind's Kwame: Age, IG, TikTok, Sales Job & More

If there’s a male villain in this contestant group, it’s looking like it’s Love Is Blind‘s Kwame Appiah, sadly. All the men in Love Is Blind Season 4’s five couples seem to have their heads on straight. However, Kwame really seems to be struggling to let go of Micah Lussier. Despite genuinely vibing with speech pathologist Chelsea Griffin, the weird dynamic that persisted in the pods won’t go away.

Kwame was deeply emotionally attached to Micah, and her abrupt ending of things left Kwame destroyed. As soon as they saw each other in real life, both Kwame and Micah started getting close by the pool. This understandably angered Chelsea, who stomped off angrily and confronted her fiance later. Kwame and Chelsea tried to banish their demons with a forgiveness ceremony in Mexico. They both agreed it helped, but the trailer for the next episodes shows trust is still a problem.

Kwame and Chelsea will try to avoid becoming casualties of the messed up attachments that develop in the pods. Let’s get better acquainted with Kwame and see how a good guy can do dumb things.

Kwame working on his photography

Kwame working on his photography (Instagram).

Love Is Blind’s Kwame: Age, Height, Zodiac Sign, Birthday Soccer Career, Job, Travels

Kwame showing off what may or may not be his own car and home

Kwame showing off what may or may not be his own car and home (Instagram).

According to Netflix’s Tudum, Kwame’s pattern may have gotten established long before the show. He has a cycle of “meet up, try it out, fail and try again” that sounds a bit like the kind of self-sabotage we saw on the show. That or just the behavior of a serial player. The 33-year-old seems to be successful in the other arenas of life though. He was the marketing manager for software company ZoomInfo and was a professional soccer player before an injury cut his career short. According to his Goldey-Beacom College alma mater, Kwame’s height is 6 ft and his soccer career goes all the way back to 2009. Kwame now works as the Head of Community Development for Common Room, a tech platform, according to his LinkedIn.

He also worked as a US Olympic youth development soccer coach.

Kwame on the show explained how he always has to go above and beyond to prove himself as a Black man in America. He’s faced overt racism throughout his life, and wasn’t even allowed to pick up his girlfriend for prom. Despite the challenges and obstacles due to racism, Kwame worked extra hard to prove the doubters wrong.

Kwame’s birthday is March 31st, which makes him a natural leader Aries. He speaks often about his decision to sell everything he owned in pursuit of his soccer career, and he also loves to randomly fly away to new destinations. He has driven a car across Greece with people he barely knows. Kwame also realized in Barcelona that he does enjoy the freedom of being single, which begs the question why he signed up for a dating show where you get engaged. Maybe this is his problem in relationships — after all, Chelsea does remind him that marriage involves compromise. At least we can enjoy his great photos of New York, Philly, Todos Santos, Miami, and Denver.

Love Is Blind’s Kwame: Instagram, Website and TikTok

Kwame in his soccer jersey from back in the day

Kwame in his soccer jersey from back in the day (Instagram).

Photography is a major interest of Kwame’s, and his website details the many high-quality photos he has taken. He will shoot weddings, landscapes, or another one of his favorite things: cars. Kwame’s Instagram features many expensive rides, including a few motorbikes a Jeep, and a Mercedes. However, when pressed, he will joke that he’s definitely not rich enough to own these vehicles. We’re guessing this a case of the influencer life, where perception is reality for some.


#comedy im just saying Disney..

? original sound – Kwame Appiah

You’ll find more jokes on Kwame’s TikTok. Did you ever notice that Disney’s Hercules had knees that looked like Doritos? Well, Kwame’s got you, or perhaps you’d like to hear about why he dislikes paella or his attempt at rapping over a noisy dryer. All indications point to Kwame being a good guy, but his focus could use a little work. Let’s hope that he can clean up his act before the altar.

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