Too Hot To Handle’s Louis: Age, Job, IG, Ethnicity and More

Too Hot To Handle's Louis: Age, Job, IG, Ethnicity and More

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 is here with even more hot, sexy singles looking to mingle. Too bad Lana’s watching and they lose money every time they get frisky. The designated rule enforcer, Louis is terrible at stopping rule breaks. The rule breakers keep breaking the rules and keep on being surprised when they get caught. Half the female cast decides they’re going to chase the self-described well-hung footballer and boxer Louis Russell before the first episode is over. The dude actually said aloud that he made this assessment based on locker room comparisons. While troublemaking Louis has undeniable bad boy energy and confidence, watching him grovel and sweat is one of the show’s best points. We’ll cover how Too Hot To Handle season 5’s Louis got into this predicament and lots of other information you might care to know.

THTH season 5 star Louis Russell modeling

THTH season 5 star Louis Russell modeling (Instagram).

Too Hot To Handle’s Louis: Ethnicity, Age, Instagram, TikTok, Jobs, Boxing, Modeling

Louis posing as a boxer and showing off his tattoos

Louis posing as a boxer and showing off his tattoos (Instagram).

Looking at Louis’ online presence makes it clear that he’s not rewarded for quick thinking. The 22-year-old Louis’s job is to look good and perform athletic feats. He’s introduced as a footballer (known as soccer in North America) on the show, but his IG shows that he’s into boxing and modelling now. On his Instagram stories, Louis explained he’s only semi-pro because he tore his ACL which severely hindered his progressions as a professional soccer/football player. Louis is originally from Hampshire, UK.

He played for the Bemerton Heath Harlequins FC and you can check out a successful boxing bout here. His model profile on Forte Model Management gives his height as 6 feet 1 inch. The Hampshire, UK native has talked about his parents’ sad split during the show, which is his bad boy origin story. Being bad is good for Louis on social media, with Louis’ IG boasting 68,800 followers and Louis’ TikTok featuring 153,600. Nobody will likely be surprised to learn that Louis does not appear to be attached to anyone in any way.

Louis also starred in a commercial for clothing line Jack Wills. He also loves hitting the clubs and at one point started a podcast. In one episode Lous reveals he’s 6″1′ in height and won’t date a girl the same height as him. Sorry Christine. Louis’s ethnicity is half white (mom’s side), half black.

Louis’s prominent tattoos include a cross, an arm tattoo of a man walking into the gates of heaven, some Japanese text, and a chest tattoo that reads: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stand times of controversy.”

Before Too Hot To Handle even revealed itself, Louis entertained three extremely contrived proposals. First doe-eyed doormat Megan Thomson, who kept things extremely PG for a girl obsessed with footballers. Then came bottle girl baddie Christine Obanor, who let Louis rub suntan lotion on her butt. Finally and most successfully was Louis’ eventual bedmate Hannah Brooke who got down to business with a kiss. Being pursued by three women sounds like a dream scenario, but once cone of shame Lana popped up Louis should have changed his game plan and committed.

After the show aired, Louis ranked near the top of the THTH castmates with the most Instagram followers.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Louis: Fumbling The Ball & Relationship Status

Louis's tattoos from the show

Louis’s tattoos from the show (Instagram).

Now, Louis’s face-sucking with Christine and Hannah keeps costing the group $6000 per infraction. Not only that but he was exposed as telling each girl that she was his number one and assuming he wouldn’t be found out by the omnipresent cameras? Brilliant move, buddy.

Hannah eventually gave up on Louis, which proves she’s not completely hopeless, but Christine was still sticking around. That is until Trey Rogers and his perfect teeth appeared and Episode 4 ended on a zero-stakes cliffhanger about who Christine would pick. This show’s fans dislike Christine but even they wouldn’t blame her for losing Louis in a hurry. They certainly didn’t blame Courtney Randolph and Isaac Francis for their rule break, since they were into one another. Louis still didn’t get why the cast got on his case and not theirs, which was an extremely basic statement to say the least.

Louis's mom he credits for his good looks

Louis’s mom he credits for his good looks (Instagram).

Right now Louis appears to be single, but he says co-star Elys Hutchinson is his partner in crime. Louis also needs a lesson on who Lothario is and why production named him that. Louis also praised the rest of his cast members on THTH season 5. He doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone he said in an IG Q&A. According to Louis Dre Woodard is the funniest person. Louis claims he’s matured a lot since filming. He’s now a “lover boy”. He says his ideal type is the look and personality of Jessica Alba.

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