Too Hot To Handle’s Elys: Age, Job, IG, TikTok, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Elys: Age, Job, IG, TikTok, More

No, Alex Snell, Elys Hutchison is not “Scandi Spice” because Switzerland is not a Scandinavian country. Of course the cast of Too Hot To Handle season 5 were not chosen for their skill at geography. For someone who typically gets reduced to being a blonde ski bunny, Elys seems to be the most level-headed. She was diplomatic and fair in calling things off with airhead surfer dude Hunter LoNigro. (It was noteworthy that he thought at all.) Now she’s with Alex and has restrained herself from any rule breaks with him. Although with Alex’s goofy and often un-gentlemanly behavior that might be easier than it looks. That doesn’t mean the producers won’t subject her to some really obvious dialogue splices however. Could there be some hidden depth here, like with Ines Tazi of Perfect Match? Let’s find out more about Too Hot To Handle‘s Elys. 

Too Hot To Handle‘s Elys: Nationalities, Languages, Instagram, Family, Jobs

Elys hanging out with her fellow blonde sister Siena

Elys hanging out with her fellow blonde sister Siena (Instagram).

It’s been made very clear on the show but let’s repeat: Elys is half British and half Swiss. She says she has been on skis since she was three months old. Since that’s before most babies can even sit up, it must have been very difficult. Sister Siena and mom Pamela form the main friend group/unit. Being Swiss, Elys is fluent in French and when she’s not in her home country she can be found in London, Mallorca or partying in Ibiza. She did travel to NYC to see the many billboards advertising the show, as per Elys’s Instagram with 171,000 followers. We can also see from her IG that she is a huge fan of gold, be it clothing, earrings, boots or jewelry.

Elys ranks near the top for THTH cast members with the most Instagram followers.

She can usually be found on the slopes and has turned her love of skiing into a career. She is an instructor as well as a model.

Too Hot To Handle’s Elys: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, TikTok

Elys often models for the camera wearing designer clothes

Elys often models for the camera wearing designer clothes (Instagram).

In fact, at age 23, Elys has been a model since she was in her early teens. She apparently wanted to become a model since she was five years-old. Her profile with Glass Models reveals that she was actually born in England, in Yarm, Stockton-On-Trees. She also reveals that she is a football fan and loves ice cream. Her birthday is August 8th, which means that she is a charismatic and optimistic Leo. She can usually be found posing around stylish cars, such as Rolls Royces or Porsches. Other times she will show off her favorite brands, which include Yves St. Laurent and Marc Jacobs. If Alex actually walked away with her, he’ll have to get used to an expensive lifestyle.

Elys’ TikTok has some room to grow at just 11,800 subscribers. The content there is more of the same- makeup tutorials, hanging out with friends, showing off her funny side. Elys has done modelling campaigns for Rimmel cosmetics and appeared on the covers of Woman, Wedding, and Style magazines. Or you can find her in campaigns for Huawei’s P30 phone or Marrionaud brand lipstick. Elys most golden years are no doubt ahead of her.

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