Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Erica’s Husband Charles Gives Crying Apology

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Erica Rose's Husband Charles Gives Tearful Apology For Season 3 Charter Guest Behavior
Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Erica Rose’s husband Charles gave a tearful apology for his “despicable” behavior while on season 3 of the show (Screengrab, Instagram).

Charter guest Charles Sanders has apologized for his “disgusting” behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. Charles recorded a two-hour Instagram live on his wife Erica Rose’s account to let her fans know he is sorry.

While on season 3 of BDSY, Charles never stopped complaining the moment he got aboard sailing yacht Parsifal III. Fans roasted Charles for trashing Chef Marcos Spaziani’s culinary skills and for his charter group only leaving a $6,500 tip. He also gave Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher’s interior team a lot of grief with his rude and belligerant behavior. Fans across the social media universe attacked Charles and Erica Rose over the past two weeks they were on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

Charles Cries On Erica Rose’s Instagram In Tearful Apology For Below Deck Behavior

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Charter Guests Erica Rose and Husband Charles Sanders
Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s primary charter guest Erica Rose and husband Charles Sanders arrive in Spain (Screengrab, Bravo).

“The way I acted on the show was despicable and disgusting. And who I hurt the most was my wife,” Charles Sanders said early Saturday morning at 3 a.m. to Erica Rose’s 42,000 Instagram fans. Shortly after starting the apology, Charles begins crying near the start of the nearly two-hour post (now deleted after being up a couple days). Charles also said that he believed he didn’t care what people think of him and his family. But after getting “16,000 hate messages”, the lawyer admitted he truly does care what people think.

“I’m a fun-loving guy… Most of the time everyone’s liked me my entire life. Until this show,” he continued.

Near the beginning of the video, Charles talked about how he was in the doghouse with his wife.

“Erica’s mad at me all the time, I can’t handle it.” Charles also explained how longtime fans were messaging his wife upset with her.

“Fans of 15 years are reaching out to tell Erica Rose how upset they are.”

“She misses you guys. I can’t handle it. I don’t like the fact that I did this to her.”

“There isn’t anyone out there who can’t say that [Erica Rose] did not act professional and acted like a bitch on that show,” he added later in the video.

Charles revealed that his mom and sister are also “pissed off” with his Below Deck behavior.

Charles Says He doesn’t Owe The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Crew An Apology

Erica Rose's Husband Charles Sanders On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guest Charles Sanders complained most of the time he was on the show, but it may have all been an act (Screengrab, Bravo).

Although he gave an apology to his wife because she was angry with him, Charles didn’t give the BDSY season 3 crew an apology, too.

Midway through the video, Charles said he didn’t owe the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 crew an apology.

“They didn’t show all the fun times I had with the crew,” he said. He also said he may give the crew an apology if fans reacted positively to his Instagram live video, but that he didn’t think he was mean to any of the cast.

He then doubled down on criticizing Chef Marcos cooking, saying he was “inconsistent” and that he had high expectations. When discussing his disappointment in the food, Charles called Chef Marcos “Marcus” and a “cook”.

He also said his insults against the chef’s food were him playing up his acting. He said he borrowed a line from Rodney Dangerfield when he said, “I’ve had better food at the ballpark.”

“The food was good the first night, that’s why I was kind of shocked about the omelet,” Charles said in the video, referring to an omelet he sent back twice. However, the day after complimenting Chef Marcos for the steak dinner, he retracted and said it was terrible.

“If I knew he had a gashing wound out of his cranium of course I would’ve [acted differently].”

Another fan asked what he would’ve said differently to the crew and Charles sort of apologized at that point.

“Thanks for providing such a great trip and I’m sorry for being so unappreciative,” Charles said he would say at the end of the trip if had do-over.

Throughout the Instagram video, Charles repeatedly licks his lip and looks sleep deprived because he hadn’t slept in days.

“And by the way everybody, I talk fast 24 hours a day. I freaking hate cocaine. …I don’t appreciate that, calling me a known coke head all over Texas. Anyone that knows me knows he doesn’t do coke,” Charles said to commenters claiming he uses cocaine.

Erica Rose Is Grateful Her Husband Gave An Apology Without Her Knowledge

Erica Rose posted Instagram stories over the weekend explaining how stressed out she had been the past few days. She also claimed she didn’t know Charles was going to use her Instagram to post an apology late at night.

She also showed off her new nails and invited anyone in the Houston area to go with her next time because it’s boring on her own.

Despite apologizing, Charles said his wife should’ve told him to stop with his complaining act.

“She should’ve said, ‘Chuck, shut up.’ And I would’ve shut up. Trust me.”

Charles also partially excused his behavior as him acting while on the show.

“I got into a complaining character.”

Charles also gave some background on his whirlwind romance with Erica Rose. They dated only a few months before the two got engaged. He said Erica saved him from his “floundering” in Florida with his ex wife who didn’t support him. Since getting together, the two both passed the bar and became lawyers. Now they have a law firm together, Rose Sanders Injury Law, where they practice defamation, injury, media and family law.

Before being on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 and 3, Erica Rose appeared on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Insider Edition and Dr. Phil. She strives to one day have her own law show like Judge Judy and really loves reality TV.

He also said he felt bad that his wife lost her hairdresser Janelle Flatt who said she would “never” do Erica’s hair again.

Charles also revealed he hasn’t spoken to Janelle’s husband, Rhett Flatt, but that he should give him an apology too. The two almost got into a physical altercation after Charles “disrespected” Janelle.

Charles Blames Other Charter Guests For The $6,500 Tip & Brown Stain On Couch

Charles denied any responsibility for the low tip and fan claims he purposely complained the whole trip so he could skimp out on the tip.

“I tried my best, that’s all I could do. I didn’t know other people weren’t going to tip,” Charles said.

Charles added that he paid everything he could for the tip and had no idea it was substandard when leaving the yacht. He said everyone was supposed to bring $5,000 to contribute to the tip. Everyone on the charter, including his wife, mother-in-law and himself only paid $6,500 towards the very low tip.

Later in the video Charles said he should maybe apologize for the tip and not “picking up the slack” of the other charter guests bailing on giving a tip.

Charles did concede some regret in not giving up his first class plane seat to his mother-in-law Cindi Rose. Cindi ended up getting kicked off the plane because she snuck up to first class to take Charles’ food she wasn’t offered in coach. He said he doesn’t know who stained the couch brown but would’ve paid the cleaning bill if it were sent to him.

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher said she actually cried when she found out Erica Rose was returning. She said Erica’s first charter was so emotionally draining in season 2 that she wasn’t mentally prepared for a second charter.

Daisy also shared text messages with Cindi and accused her of “slander” and “lies”, according to Reality Blurb.

“…I had to serve and put a smile on my face to people that I think are complete bullies. They are everything that I hate about social media. …I hate people who use social media as a platform to spread gossip. And they’re everything of what I think represents is awful in the world and awful about social media,” said Daisy on her Pita Party podcast.

“They’re just very, very strange people. I think there’s a lot of substance abuse involved – again, my opinion, I don’t know – but just volatile, strange people,” Daisy later said in her podcast, unsubstantiated.

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