Squid Game The Challenge’s Jackie (Player 393): IG, Artist Job, Age, Birthday, More

Squid Game The Challenge’s Jackie (Player 393): IG, Modeling Job, Age, Birthday, More

With less than 100 of the 456 original contestants remaining on Squid Game The Challenge, some overlooked challengers are getting more focus. Squid Game The Challenge’s Jackie Gonzalez (Player 393) is another lowkey player who can make use of her unique situation. Like Big Brother 25’s Matt Klotz, who was the runner-up winner on season 25, Jackie is deaf. However, she says that she “can work in groups, but I don’t prefer it, you know. There’s something about my hearing loss that I feel like I have to give a lot of energy when socializing with hearing people. I’ve gotta listen. I’ve got to lip-read sometimes. I’ve got to, you know, read the room. It’s a lot of work.”

Squid Game The Challenge’s Jackie: Hometown, Sister, Art, Instagram

But what else do we know about Jackie? She’s a San Antonio native and artist who, along with her sister Becca Marie, makes art at jackandbec.com. Much of this bright, colorful art leans into deaf pride, LGTBQ+ pride, mental health awareness and just pride in general. Jackie has done very well on Instagram, with 17,400 followers. While it’s not clearly stated on the show, Jackie is part of her own alliance, The Breakfast Club. This includes Sam (player #16), Alex (#433), Scott (#396), Rachel (#453) and Tabitha (#455). Non-binary contestant Phill (#451) is another affiliate of the Breakfast Club. Jackie is one of four Texans still on the show, including Coach TJ (#182), Charlise Chaney (#179), and Ned Swart (#404). We can expect these groups to play a major role in the next series of episodes.

Squid Game The Challenge’s Jackie: Skating And Rollerblading Hobby, Twitter/X, Show Alliances, Fandoms, Cat, Travels, TikTok

Jackie is a proud fan of The Hunger Games, a devoted Swiftie, and features her calico cat, Effy, in an IG reel. She enjoys the occasional cosplay, such as Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto. We can see her travels as well, to Greece, Colorado, and Hollywood. Jackie has fully embraced TikTok and proudly signs in ASL on all of her videos, especially the lipsyncs and NPC videos. She’s amassed 10,500 followers there so far and will keep on amassing. Jackie’s Twitter/X profile reveals that she is an active skater, and she tweets about rollerblading as well. However, tweets a little further down reveal that she is not a dog person.


just a taylor stan acct doing taylor stan acct things #deaftok #deaf #hardofhearing #signlanguage #asl #taylorswift #isitovernow #isitovernowchallenge #isotovernow?

? original sound – Jay ? (Taylor’s Version)

In interviews, Jackie has been very proud about representing the communities she is part of, and even if she doesn’t win the prize, it counts as a big win for her.

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