BB 25: Cirie’s Full Interview With Julie After Eviction

BB 25: Cirie's Full Interview With Julie After Eviction

Big Brother 25 contestant and reality TV star legend Cirie Fields finally got voted out of the Big Brother house almost 100 days into the competition. Ultimately Jag Bains convinced Matt Klotz and Bowie Jane to vote out Cirie over Felicia Cannon. Cirie gracefully spoke to her family members back home she misses during her final speech before the vote. She was pretty sure of her fate before the votes were cast. She then had a lengthy interview live on Thursday night’s episode with host Julie Chen Moonves.

Here’s the entirety of the interview she had with Julie.

Cirie’s Full Interview With Julie After Eviction On Big Brother 25

Cirie, you were told, by Matt, who was HOH, when he nominated you, that you were the pawn. But you never felt safe did you?

“Absolutely not. Uhhh, Mecole was the pawn, right? You never want to be in a pawn position because typically the pawn goes home. And I tried to impress that on Matt. But Jag has him, so…”

So why do you think they chose to evict you and not Felicia?

“I really believe that Jag feels if anything goes awry, if I mess around and win the veto or HOH, that I’m going to be on Matt’s side. And he’s right. And he is right, Jag was public enemy number one, and if I could get Jag out of this game that’s exactly what I planned to do.”

You came into the house as a known Survivor legend and playing in the secret family twist with your son Jared. You made it to day ninety-three. Are you surprised?

“I am so flabbergasted, I expected to be gone week one. Big Brother is not Survivor. So I’m honored, one, to play this game. Triple honored to be on here day 93. A Survivor crossover. So not too shabby in my eyes Julie.”

Did playing secretly with your son Jared help your game, or complicated it?

“Honestly I think it complicated it. Because certain moves that really weren’t good for my game, I had to do for Jared’s game. For instance, Red going home. Red and I were pretty tight. I was good with Red and I thought Red would be a good ally to take far in the game. However, he wanted a sit down conversation with Jared and Cameron about the miscommunication l, about Cameron wanting Red out, and I know it was a miscommunication that would’ve caused a lot of problems for Jared so I had to ensure that Red went home.”

So, four times starving on a stranded island on Survivor. Versus 93 days in the Big Brother house. Which one is harder?

“Give me second, umm, honestly, and listen, my Survivor people, you know I love you all. We are starving, and the elements, but you’re in a pressure cooker here. A true pressure cooker. There’s no escaping this. There’s no breaks, there’s no days off. For me, Big Brother is harder. I’m sorry, it really is. It is super difficult. Just imagine going to work tomorrow, walking into your job tomorrow, and saying by the way, you know, you’re not leaving for a 100 days. We’ve got a bed in the back, nice backyard, go to the cafeteria, help yourself. But you are not leaving for a 100 days and you’re going to work for the entire time. No breaks…”

After that they listened to Cirie’s goodbye messages. Jag confirmed he didn’t trust Cirie, and knew she was his biggest threat. The rest of the houseguests all said how much they enjoyed playing with Cirie and wanting to remain friends after the competition was over. Of course the remaining houseguests are also potentially vying for Cirie’s vote for the $750,000 grand prize.

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