Below Deck S11: Captain Kerry Fires More Crew Than S10 Ben Claims

Below Deck S11: Captain Kerry Fires More Crew Than S10 Per Ben

Lead Deckhand and self-described “stew slayer” Ben Willoughby was spilling some tea while doing an interview with entertainment news outlet Punkee. According to Ben, more Below Deck season 11 cast get fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge than on Below Deck season 10! Ben says Captain Kerry fires more crew this season because they didn’t meet his standards on superyacht St. David.

“You’re going to see more firings, more crew turnover, than you did last season. Once the premiere airs, you might be able to see how everybody fits into the pecking order and maybe you’ll get a little glimpse there,” Ben said in his interview.

In the Below Deck season 11 premiere, Captain Kerry was already losing his patience with Bosun Jared Woodin. First off, Jared showed his deckhands — Ben, Marie “Sunny” Marquis, and Kyle Stillie — how to release the anchor while docked, not informing the captain. Then, he was struggling to make a schedule for his team. Even worse, however, he dropped to much chain on the first anchoring because he didn’t check with Captain Kerry.

Almost certainly Captain Kerry fires his bosun Jared on or shortly after episode 4. The first docking back at the superyacht’s home Port Louis Marina in Grenada goes disastrously based on episode 2’s synopsis. Finally, episode 4’s description includes the following, “Jared’s personal challenges take a toll on him as Captain Kerry takes notice.” Throughout the first episode Jared looked scatterbrained, like a fish out of water.

Chief Steward Fraser Olender also told E! News a lot of crew member get fired on Below Deck season 11. “There’s a significant turnover this year. I don’t go anywhere though, so thank God for that.”

Fraser also hinted at some familiar faces joining the boat as replacement crew.

“You’re in for seeing a few more familiar faces, one a little bit more familiar than you would expect. But I’ll leave that for you guys to decipher.”

Captain Kerry Fires More Crew On Below Deck Season 11 Than Season 10: Who Likely Gets Sacked?


We squeezed some #belowdeck gossip out of @Ben Willoughby and there are more firings coming to the new season ?

? Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

The American boatie hadn’t worked on superyachts in ten years. Below Deck season 11’s trailer shows him also getting so obnoxiously drunk he ends up waking Captain Kerry.

That said, Ben claims several people get fired this season, which may break a record. “There’s a few more than last season, and probably the same number of boatmances to be honest.”

We have to assume Ben misspoke about a few more than last season. Below Deck season 10 had two firings. Bickering Second Stewardess Alissa Humber and songstress diva Camille Lamb both got sent packing by Captain Sandy Yawn after she took over the charter season for an ailing Captain Lee Rosbach. If Ben’s math is correct, that would mean five people get fired on Below Deck season 11!

Despite Chef Anthony Iracane’s delectable food dishes, the culinary maestro struggles with cooking his food promptly. Hot tub hookup co-primary charter guests on the first voyage were unimpressed with how long a four-course meal took. In episode three, part of the synopsis makes it clear things don’t improve right away. “Chef Anthony struggles to keep up with the demands of feeding both the guests and the crew, prompting Captain Kerry to step in.” He also struggles to keep his galley clean and organized. Will Captain Kerry channel his inner Gordon Ramsay and show Hell’s Kitchen fury in taking Chef Anthony to the chopping block? Only time will tell if Anthony’s added to the long list of Below Deck cast members fired.

Finally, stewardesses Cat Baugh and Xandi Olivier both look shaky in interior. Cat crying on the first episode doesn’t bode well for her future. Xandi’s bizarre comments in the trailer about being a vampire and witch, along with her crystals, may alienate her from the rest of the crew. Also, she suffers from extreme anxiety and drinks excessively on crew nights out. However, stewardess Barbie Pascual also challenges Chief Steward Fraser Olender‘s authority, so she could also get the boot.

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