Perfect Match’s Ines: The Circle Star’s Business, Fashion & More

Perfect Match's Ines: The Circle Star's Business, Fashion & More

Watching Perfect Match‘s Ines Tazi, formerly of The Circle France bounce between failed partnerships is brutal. We’ve seen her with Love is Blind‘s Shayne Jansen (twice!), The Circle‘s Nick Uhlenhuth, Love Is Blind season 3‘s Bartise Bowden, The Mole‘s Will Richardson and Love Is Blind‘s Damian Powers. As we close on episode 8, it’s clear Damian is latching onto Ines as he plans his next move. Ines, who is a successful businesswoman and who everyone, even the cast, agrees deserves love, is really not faring well in this experiment. Her behavior is getting more and more erratic as she tries to seek safety in The Mole‘s Dom Gabriel’s arms. Dimwitted Dom was too much of a good guy to take advantage of the situation.

This angered Dom’s committed girlfriend Too Hot To Handle‘s Georgia Hassarati and made her cry. Georgia’s already defended against efforts from villainous Francesca Farago to punish her former flame Dom. Ines backpedaled furiously and issued a horrified apology, but the damage was done.

Only a truly desperate person would take advice from wild woman and Francesca’s pawn Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts) and try to grab Dom away. If anything demonstrates what a toxic dumpster fire experiment Netflix has cooked up here, this is it. Don’t forget that Ines is a highly educated person and no stranger to reality TV show danger herself. On The Circle France she kept her own catfishing operation going for 9 episodes. We don’t know what Ines’ final outcome was, but she seems to be done with reality for a while, possibly forever. Even if Ines’ behavior is spiraling out of control, fans are starting to hope that she and Dom do end up together. There’s no way this is going to happen, because Dom has gone on two dates away from Georgia. Let’s learn more about the person Ines actually is, away from all the drama.

Perfect Match‘s Ines: Schooling, Skincare Business & Fashion Influencer

Ines looking like a dashing runway model

Ines looking like a dashing runway model (Instagram).

Ines may have had a terrible time on the show, but she went in with the best of intentions. She’s supportive of the LGBTQ+ representation on the show and shows her intelligence when she spars with Will. She admires writer Nesrine Slaoui, who like her is of Moroccan descent. A graduate of the University of London, she studied geopolitics and picked up English at the International Foundation Program. Today, she’s the co-founder of Skult LTD, her own skincare company. So what we have here is an example of what happens when an actually intelligent person tries to compete on a reality show! They at the very least turn their clout into a sustainable business, instead of chasing those fifteen minutes of fame.

Ines studied at the University of London and got a degree in geopolitics. Although she knows how to navigate the UN, she left the audience with a profound statement (on reality TV no less) about her tumultuous Perfect Match journey: that love is messy and there’s no easy recipe for finding and retaining it. Although, now that we think about it, perhaps the reality TV IQ gene pool is too low for Ines’s wave length and may also have something to do with it.

After schooling, Ines started posting a lot of herself wearing fashion outfits which attracted casting to invite her as a contestant on The Circle France. Since her IG blew up, Ines is now a full-fledged fashion influencer.

“I consider fashion as a communication tool. I grew up in it, since my parents work in this industry,” told a news publication.

“In Perfect Match I played with revenge outfits. One day I wore a big pink Jacquemus jacket and earrings with smiley faces to take revenge on my lover who left me… It’s non-verbal communication and a way of playing with codes. I express myself like that, through fashion. My life is a bit like a theater scene, sometimes I want to be a lady, a businesswoman or sexy and that’s how I approach fashion,” Ines told Khabar Nonstop.

Perfect Match's Ines rocking a Canadian tuxedo

Perfect Match‘s Ines rocking a Canadian tuxedo (Instagram). Perhaps she and Will have more in common than she thought.

Perfect Match‘s Ines: Instagram & TikTok

Stunning Ines looks way more glamorous in her real life than on The Circle France and Perfect Match, no easy feat

Stunning Ines looks way more glamorous in her real life than on The Circle France and Perfect Match, no easy feat (Instagram).

Ines can play the social media influencer game as well if not better than the other cast members. Ines’s Instagram has 172,000 followers, but it’s quality over quantity in her eclectic wardrobe she flaunts. Fans are always asking her about her unique looks, which is almost all from French designers. Fashions that pay tribute to her Moroccan, Muslim and Christian heritage and inspirational quotes are also a highlight. Then there’s Ines’s TikTok with 37,000 followers. Here you can find makeup tutorials, cute attempts to cook, and more of her specialized, cutesy turns of phrase.

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