Love Is Blind Fans Bash Irina’s Apology As Fake & Forced

Love Is Blind Fans Bash Irina's Apology As Fake & Forced

Love Is Blind season 4 star Irina Solomonova finally broke her silence by issuing a video apology on Instagram. Fans were shocked Irina didn’t express any remorse for her devilish diva behavior displayed on Love Is Blind in the pods and in the Mexico resort with her now ex fiance Zack Goytowski. For over a week Netflix viewers dragged Irina for her bullying and mean girl antics while she remained silent on the controversy. Now, after Irina spoke out, fans are bashing her “fake” apology as completely insincere.

Irina didn’t waste any time getting herself ostracized by most of the other women cast members on Love Is Blind season 4. She and her accomplice Micah Lussier belittled Micah’s rival Amber Wilder, calling her a loser for setting up a Mardi Gras-themed date and mocking her crying when Paul Peden broke up with her. Irina also bullied her own rival Bliss and had the audacity to try and take one of her candles because she forgot Zack’s birthday.

Once engaged to Zack, she made his life miserable by telling him he looked like a cartoon character, telling him he didn’t blink enough, barely looking at him and overall giving off the vibe she was repulsed by him.

Fans Blast Love Is Blind Season 4’s Irina’s Apology As Inauthentic

Irina's apology video on Instagram didn't go over well with Love Is Blind season 4 viewers

Irina’s apology video on Instagram didn’t go over well with Love Is Blind season 4 viewers (Instagram).

After all the fan backlash, Irina finally issued a public apology.

“I really wanted to take some time to process everything that has been going on this past week and really get my thoughts together before I responded. The first thing that I want to say is that I have privately apologized to the people that I have hurt and mistreated,” she started off saying in her public mea culpa.

“Second of all I’d liked to say I’m so, so sorry for the people who watched the show that felt frustrated, angry, hurt by the way I was mistreating people on the show. It was very immature and naïve of me in a lot of these situations. And I just want to say that Zack, Bliss, Amber, Jackie, Micah, none of those people deserved to be treated the way that I treated them. And I’m genuinely, so, so sorry.”

Irina also apologized to Micah because she hit on Paul in Mexico repeatedly, even brushing up against him in the pool. She then looked disappointed when her bestie told her Paul had no interest in her love triangle attempts.

Fans weren’t buying her attempt at an apology.

“If you actually felt remorseful why did you go in a podcast and laugh about all of your cruelty?” one fan asked Irina.

“I didn’t see the show when those podcasts happened,” responded the American-Russian rapscallion reality TV star.

“What? Sorry… I only heard ‘I’m posting this so I don’t get fully cancelled and this is all about me’,” another unsympathetic observer said.

“Doesn’t even feel slightly authentic,” said another Love Is Blind fan to the apology post entitled “From my heart”.

Zack Calls For Compassion From Love Is Blind Viewers To His Co-Stars

Other fans felt sad that Irina, who said she had it tough growing up with severe acne, became a bully after likely being bullied. To top it off, the onslaught of fans trashing Irina’s looks and character appear to be keeping the vicious cycle going.

Irina near the end of her apology said she wants to be someone who builds people up. And on the show she did the exact opposite. She also said the show was a mirror reflecting her bad behavior back to her and that she wants to change and do better. She also hinted at how she was going through her own emotional issues at the time of shooting most likely share more about on the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode.

“…I just had one request for my friends, my family and my fans. When you watch this show there are gonna be people that you like, and there are gonna people that you aren’t gonna like. And there may be people who say things to me or other cast that are hurtful [and do hurtful things]. I just would ask that you show them grace,” Zack said in a video. He also asked his fans not to attack anyone from the show. “Honestly just say a prayer for them and send them a positive message.”

Looks like a lot of fans are finding it hard to turn the other cheek.

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