Love Is Blind’s Paul: Scientist Job, IG, Age, Travels, Dog & More

Love Is Blind's Paul: Scientist Job, IG, Age, Travels, Dog & More

Some reality show participants are chosen for their wild personalities and then there’s Love Is Blind‘s Paul Peden. The trailer simply showed him chilling out by the pool, slapping hands with another cast member. It turns out the nerdy scientist ends up snagging mean girl blonde bombshell Micah Lussier. However, things appear to fizzle out when she has more chemistry with Kwame Appiah poolside at the resort in Mexico. Find out if Paul and Micah married at the end of the show here.

Love Is Blind‘s Paul: Outdoors, Brother, Travels, Age & Environmental Scientist Job

Paul Peden hiking a mountain

Paul Peden hiking a mountain (Instagram).

Paul truly loves being out in nature. He will post gorgeous photos of marine life, plant life, and seemingly untouched parts of nature. Paul loves swimming and snorkeling with moray eels, sharks and stingrays. He just seems like he finds peace in solitude, which might be why he’s struggled to find love. That doesn’t mean he’s afraid of people, however. We can find evidence of him chilling out with his brother Brian and holding a baby in his arms on Christmas.

The 29-year old Paul’s LinkedIn shows that he works doing what he loves. Listed as an Environmental Scientist on his Love Is Blind intro card, he’s also actually a Policy Consultant with Blue Environmental Environment Services. Blue Environmental makes sure that companies are in compliance with laws around the environment. Paul has also worked at a biological field station in the Bahamas studying marine life, and has a year of experience as a lab tech as well. We can also see from Paul’s LinkedIn that his full name is “Paul Peden II”, indicating that he shares a name with his father.

Paul appreciates art and is able to improvise and cook some delicious looking food in the brush. He seems to spend a lot of time in the parts of Europe with lots of water: Italy, Norway, Germany, Croatia. Snaps of architecture and aerial views of cities like Budapest also stand out on Paul’s socials. Shots of the interior of his cabin on one of many boats he travels on shows a glimpse of a guitar. Will we see Paul play a soulful melody?

Paul Peden from Love Is Blind season 4

Paul Peden from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Love Is Blind‘s Paul: Instagram, Dog, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Education

Paul snorkeling with a shark

Paul snorkeling with a shark (Instagram).

Paul’s mom also appears on his IG, commenting with deep love on a photo of Paul and his bro. Mom Elizabeth loves her two boys very much and it gives us more hope that Paul will be a needed antidote to toxic influencer cast members. Another being that loves Paul quite a lot is his dog Ballou. Ballou is a very good boy and though he does have some white hair, he moves pretty fast, especially when there are treats involved.

Paul enjoying nature, his favorite pastime

Paul enjoying nature, his favorite pastime (Instagram).

You have to scroll very far down Paul’s IG to find out where he went to school — the University of Northern Alabama. Other comments indicate that Paul is a proud Southerner, and while there are references to Mississippi there’s no definite place of origin. Also, Paul never posts a birthday celebration, but he celebrated turning 29 with co-star Zack Goytowski on March 27, which makes him a blind optimist Aries. We’re looking very much forward to whatever surprises Paul springs on us. Will Irina Solomonova try to steal her besties‘ beau?

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