Below Deck: What Happened to Chief Stew Adrienne Gang After Season 1

Below Deck Season 1's Chief Stew Adrienne Gang
Chief Stew Adrienne Gang of Below Deck season 1 has had a lot happen in her life in the past decade (Screengrab, YouTube).

Below Deck season 1 filmed in the fall of 2011, so what ever happened to Chief Stew Adrienne Gang over the past decade?

Below Deck fans mainly remember Adrienne for her struggling to get along with her subordinates in season 1. Third Stew Sam Orme was a nightmare for Adrienne to deal with. Sam came from a very privileged background where her parents owned their own yacht. From the get go, the two didn’t get along. Sam would roll her eyes at orders given to her from Adrienne and had a lot of entitlement. Fans were shocked by Sam’s disrespectful attitude towards her boss, like her permanent smirk. She felt that the chief stew didn’t lead by example, delegating all the interior work to Sam and Second Stew Kat Held.

Chief Stew Adrienne’s Friendship With Kat & Ben

Although Kat seemed to like working for Adrienne at the start, things eventually soured between the two. Kat drank alcohol on one of the charters where Adrienne’s friend was guest who was very inappropriately sexually harassing her. Adrienne didn’t intervene or tell her friend to stop when notified of the situation. So Kat lost respect for her boss not sticking up for her. On top of that, Adrienne reported Kat’s drunken behavior on the charter to Captain Lee. Kat took as ratting on her and further proof her boss didn’t have her back. However, thanks to quick thinking, Kat was able to excuse her drunken behavior. She blamed it on taking too much anxiety medication and got to complete the season. She even got invited back to be second stew again on season 2.

But it looks like bygones were bygones between Kat and Adrienne. They were friends after working together on Below Deck season 1 and even worked together again. This, despite “the devil” Adrienne spreading gossip about Kat in Below Deck season 2 while she was a charter guest.

Alas, Adrienne and Kat’s friendship wasn’t to last. Kat made an appearance Bravo’s Watch What Happens Next and told Cohen that Adrienne is a lesbian. Adrienne was furious and felt totally betrayed by her supposed friend for making up the rumor. This, just shortly after Kat had been to her engagement party and tried on wedding dresses with Adrienne.

However, it looks like Adrienne made at least one friend from Below Deck season 1. She and Chef Ben Robinson have met up repeatedly over the years and taken selfies together.

It probably helps that Adrienne and Ben both live in Florida in the area of Fort Lauderdale.

Gang Works as an Elite Yacht Chef

Although she was the chief stew on Below Deck, Adrienne Gang’s LinkedIn profile shows she’s been a freelance personal chef since 2005. Although she had previous experience as a stew before the show, Adrienne admitted she struggled as a manager. On the inaugural Below Deck reunion episode, she told Andy Cohen and her former crew members she was taking a course on management and leadership.

Adrienne looks to be thriving as her own boss and in control of her own galley. Adrienne’s Instagram and Facebook show her loving her job as a personal chef. She has still worked on yachts over the years since appearing on the show, but it looks like more for private clients instead of charter boats. But she also cooks on land for “celebrities, dignitaries and rock stars”. It’s probably why Ben and Adrienne also got along well, they both have a passion for five-star cooking. (Chef Ben left the Below Deck franchise in 2017 and the yachting world to focus on cooking for private clients.)

Adrienne’s Relationships & Marriage

Back during the filming of Below Deck season 1 in 2011, Adrienne had a boyfriend she called Cooper.
In the subsequent couple of years she had a serious relationship with fellow yachtie Derek Christian. Derek and Adrienne even got engaged, but the relationship didn’t work out.

Below Deck season 1 Chief Stew Adrienne Gang With Her Ex-Fiance Derek
Below Deck season 1 Chief Stew Adrienne Gang was engaged to a fellow yachtie named Derek Christian (Screengrab, Instagram).
Below Deck Season 1 Stews Adrienne & Kat Try on Wedding Dresses
Below Deck season 1 Second Stew Kat went wedding dress shopping for Adrienne’s wedding. Adrienne’s engagement and friendship to Kat both didn’t work out (Screengrab, Instagram).

Despite her failed engagement to Derek, Adrienne found the love of her life. A little over three years ago she got married to chiropractor Andrew Danks.

The two live in Florida together with their dog “Buddy the Boat Dog”.

Tragically, Adrienne disclosed publicly that she recently had a miscarriage. Fans and Below Deck cast have sent a lot of love and support to Adrienne and Andrew.

Adrienne Still Loves the Below Deck Franchise & Watches The Show

Although Adrienne didn’t get invited back to be on Below Deck after season 1, she still loves watching the show. She’s also got a knack for commentating on Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Adrienne even started her own podcast along with blogger Jen Bennington earlier this year called Gangplank Report. In the podcast, the hosts discuss all things Below Deck with other super fans of Bravo’s number one hit show.

But Adrienne has been commentating on Below Deck for years. She often gives her opinion on the latest episodes live on Twitter. She hasn’t been at a loss for words when it comes to the Below Deck season 9 My Seanna crew.

She also recently joined Cameo for any Below Deck super fans looking to pay for a shoutout. (It might not be as much as the charter guest tips she made in season 1.)

What do you think about Below Deck season 1’s Chief Stew Adrienne Gang? Would you like to see her back on the show, but this time as the chef? Leave a comment!

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