Below Deck: Rayna Claims She Helped NBA Basketball Players Cheat

Below Deck Season 9's Rayna Attacks Basketball Players For Cheating At Her Old Job
Below Deck Season 9’s Rayna is claiming she would help NBA basketball players cheat on their girls by getting other girls phone numbers (Screengrab, Bravo).

Ranya stopped trashing fellow Below Deck season 9 cast to go after alleged NBA players’ cheating. Rayna claims at her old job she helped NBA basketball players hookup with girls coming to the games. These players allegedly had significant others, but it isn’t clear if their infidelity was to girlfriends or wives.

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey has proven throughout Below Deck season 9 she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s a self-described big mouth who doesn’t mind talking back to her superiors. However, after Chief Stew Heather Chase repeated the use of the the N-word all bets were off. Rayna has repeatedly bashed Heather, Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee for their handling of the situation.

(Eddie claims production and Rayna made him look bad, and that he took her complaint seriously and wanted Heather fired.) Rayna has also rejected repeated apologies from Heather.

And now it looks like she has an even older bone to pick.

Rayna Claims She Facilitated Basketball Players Cheating on Their Girlfriends

Rayna had something else she wanted to get off her mind from another former job. On Instagram on Wednesday, Rayna posted a story claiming she helped NBA players cheat on their girlfriends and wives. Apparently she did this as a quid pro quo to make big tip money.

Rayna dropped the bomb about NBA basketball players’ infidelity after seeing a meme. The meme was a picture of a professional football players girlfriend or wife. The woman in the meme wrote a caption: “When they say he cheats on me at away games but I go to all of them to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Below Deck's Rayna On Instagram Story Claiming She Helped NBA Players Cheat
Below Deck season 9’s Rayna claimed on Instagram that she used to help NBA players cheat on their partners by getting girls’ numbers (screengrab, Instagram).

Rayna responded with her own caption. “As someone who worked for the NBA my whole life. They cheating home games too and sending me to get the number.”

According to Rayna’s LinkedIn, she worked for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves in “Court Management” for six years from 2009 to 2015. Among her duties was cleaning laundry. Well now she seems to be airing it! She also was in charge of facilitating “pre-game, time out and half-time player activities to ensure that the team is equipped for successful performance during the game.” It seems Rayna is implying liaisons with mistresses may also all under that category of organizing extracurricular activities.

Rayna further elaborated on her claims of being an accomplice to NBA players cheating. “We [got] paid minimum wage but [got] tipped out crazy for doing things like getting girls’ numbers and being quiet about it,” Rayna wrote in another Instagram story. “Covering [their] tracks is how we got paid.”

So, perhaps Rayna may have a guilty conscience in allegedly helping NBA basketball players cheat. But it looks like Rayna seems a bit disgruntled that she found out other employees within the basketball in the Minnesota organization made $80,000 or more salaries while her pay was allegedly minimum wage.

Below Deck's Rayna Explains Allegations She Helped NBA Players Cheat
Rayna from Below Deck season 9 explains her allegations of how she would help NBA basketball players cheat in order to get good tips since she made minimum wage otherwise (Screengrab, Instagram).

It’s no secret NBA stars, like Tristan Thompson’s serial cheating on Khloe Kardashian, cheat on their girlfriends and wives. But for a former worker of an NBA team to come out alleging how they helped is a big revelation.

What Will Rayna Say Next When On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

On Tuesday, Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen announced he will be interviewing Second Stew Fraser Olender and Rayna on Watch What Happens Live soon.

Maybe Cohen will follow up with Rayna on how prolific this alleged NBA players cheating was, and how exactly she was an accomplice.

Besides this bombshell, there will be plenty of Below Deck-related questions for Rayna regarding Heather’s N-word controversy. Rayna has been spilling a lot of dirt lately. She recently claimed Eddie owes an apology to the LGBTQ community. On top of that, she alleges a cameraman was fired for sticking up for her!

When looking at Below Deck fans’ comments on Reddit, the verdict on Rayna is split. Lots of fans think she’s a lazy liar who has a terrible attitude. On the other hand, many others are on team Rayna. They argue she’s faced a lot of racism in the United States and in the yachting industry, including Heather repeating the N-word in front of her.

What are your thoughts on Rayna? What should Cohen ask Rayna on Watch What Happens Live? Leave a comment below!

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