Below Deck: Rayna Says Eddie Tries To Assassinate Character, Wes Lazy

Rayna Lindsey on Bravo Season 9
Rayna Lindsey at the start of Below Deck season 9 (Screengrab, Bravo).

It’s another day and Deckhand Rayna Lindsey continues to throw bombs on Instagram at Below Deck season 9 fellow cast members. Rayna is now claiming First Officer Eddie Lucas tried to assassinate her character and that Wes O’Dell is lazy!

Earlier in the week, Eddie reportedly defended himself in how he dealt with Rayna telling him that Chief Stew Heather Chase had repeated her saying the N-word. Although Chase apologized, Rayna blasted her, Captain Lee, Eddie and production on an Instagram Q&A last week and refuses to accept her apology.

Rayna Demands Apology From Eddie For Her & LGBTQ Community

Rayna is on Instagram again, and her main target is her Below Deck season 9 boss Eddie Lucas.

“With time I can (reunion) but my boss pretty much tries to assassinate my character. I couldn’t believe the words coming out that man’s mouth,” Rayna wrote. It was in response to a fan on Instagram asking if she gets to confront cast members about the controversy.

And now Lindsey is threatening to blast Eddie for his behavior and things he said on Below Deck Season 9.

“He can tell the truth before the reunion but if not I will. Simple,” Rayna told her fans about Eddie.

“I messaged Eddie and told him he needs to tell the truth because I will air it all out at the reunion. He’s too grown to be deflecting,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday, too.

Now, Lindsey is also claiming Lucas needs to apologize to the LGBTQ community for something else he said on the show.

Below Deck's Eddie Lucas & Jake Foulger Are Excited For The $25K Tip
Below Deck season 9’s First Officer Eddie Lucas & Bosun Jake Foulger are stoked for the $25K tip (Screenshot, Bravo).

“I sent him a message stating he needs to come forward and tell you guys what he did. Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes the LGBTQ community an apology too,” said Rayna to another fans question.

“…He tried to frame me and drag the LGBTQ community into it. It completely backfired and he got caught trying to assassinate my character,” Rayna added in another answer to a fan asking why he owes the LQBTQ community an apology.

  • Below Deck's Rayna Attacks Eddie Lucas

Lindsey also has a nickname for Lucas.

“Most def! Jimmy Neutron gotta go tho too,” she wrote about Lucas when asked if she’d go back on the show. She also thought it was funny when a fan asked her which Below Deck crew members the fan should use violence on (“stone cold stunner first”) and she replied, “Lmao Jimmy Neutron then megamind.”

Eddie Breaks His Silence to Defend His Reaction To Rayna

Since initially being attacked by fans and Rayna for his lack of reaction, Eddie broke his silence. On a live video call, Eddie claimed producers edited his talk with Rayna. Essentially, Lucas is claiming Rayna lied about his conversation with her because it was allegedly 30 minutes long, and he didn’t brush it aside. According to Lucas, he was very bothered by hearing about Chase using the N-word and wanted her fired. He also claims that he told Rayna to go to Captain Lee with the issue but she didn’t want to.

Lucas also said Below Deck‘s production team is to blame for editing down the conversation, making him look bad.

“It was actually a really good conversation that [Rayna and I] were having. And it’s just gotten spun into something different. But in no way would I ever brush racism under the rug. I am not okay with it in any way, shape, or form,” Lucas said in an online video conversation.

He also said he tried to broker a meeting with Chase, Captain Lee and Rayna to try and solve the issue.

Rayna’s version of events are completely different.

Rayna Alleges A Below Deck Cameraman Was Fired For Defending Her

“It’s crazy because they even fired [a] cameraman that stood up for me. A lot of them pulled me to the side and told me they was on f**k s**t [sic],” Rayna wrote in another Q&A answer.

Lindsey alleges that production wanted her to keep silent about the incident and claims PR for the Below Deck show has tried to get her to stop discussing it publicly.

“Wait on it lol I had to hold back on that show but I will be shutting s**t down with my smart ass mouth [sic],” Rayna warned. She says she will tell all on the Below Deck season 9 reunion if Lucas doesn’t come clean on things she alleges happened on the show.

Rayna Says Wes O’Dell is Lazy

Rayna also threw some shade on her fellow deckhand, Wes O’Dell.

“I’m great at every boat I’ve worked on. You don’t forget this is TV [sic]. I don’t know how I got this f**king lazy title when that was Wes’s middle name lol shit was news to me,” Lindsey wrote in another IG post.

Lindsey says that the Below Deck production team unfairly portrayed her as not a hard worker. She says nothing could be further from the truth.

Below Deck Reddit fans have also thought that Wes is too slow-paced to work on a motor superyacht and should maybe be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Below Deck season 9's Wes O'Dell
Below Deck’s Wes O’Dell on a boat in the Caribbean where he spent half the year throughout his childhood (Screenshot, Facebook).

Lindsey was also disappointed in Wes not being upset when she told him about Chase using the N-word.

“As a man from the [Caribbean] Islands I don’t think he understand the severity of the trauma it brings.”

Stay tuned for responses from Chase, Lucas, Captain Lee and Lucas for all the shade Rayna’s delivering.

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