Below Deck: Everything To Know About Rayna Lindsey On Season 9

Below Deck fans may think season 9 is a bit of a boring show so far, but one My Seanna superyacht crewmember making an immediate splash with viewers is deckhand Rayna Lindsey because of her and lead deckhand Jake Foulger’s boozy kissing and cuddling.

Fans wanting to know who Rayna is have come to the right place.

Rayna is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she attended Augsburg University and received a bachelor of business administration. Before she entered a career in yachting, she worked for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx (female professional basketball team) basketball teams in the court management department, helping organize player activities and plan travel and hotel accommodations, according to her LinkedIn profile. After that, for two years she worked as a marketing coordinator for a restaurant chain, managing customer loyalty plan programs that “generated an additional $1.5 million in net sales”.

Rayna’s Instagram is a lot more revealing of her outgoing, fun personality however. Last month she posted a picture of her and Jake, wishing him a happy birthday with a very noteworthy caption: “We have so many ups and down this season but you’re my best friend. I love you to the moon and back twin.” Looks like there’s still a lot more to this boatmance even though in episode 5 things cooled off after Rayna found out Jake’s engaged to an Australian bombshell named Paris.

Rayna, the now 27 year-old, also posted a lot of pictures of her trip to Mexico where she met and “hooked up” with a mystery boy at a club she called “Iza” (there’s a guy she follows on Instagram who fit the description) who is apparently living in Canada and she called while on My Seanna. She’s also traveled to Panama, Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Costa Rica. While in Mexico she learned to scuba dive and swam alongside sharks.

Rayna has also opened up about her personality on the show, saying she has always had a sharp tongue and had trouble not talking back, but as she’s matured she’s learned how to bite her tongue. That being said, the name Rayna means “queen” and she certainly still doesn’t like taking orders from anyone, especially lead deckhand Jake.

Rayna is also very close with her family, especially her mom who she says she is best friends with because her mom had her when she was 19 years of age. Rayna also likes to party and loves to travel.

Rayna first got deckhand experience back in 2017 when she moved to Cordova, Alaska to work as a deckhand on daily charters of two boats for a couple of years.

After a couple of cold years up north, she moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida, to work as the “genttil organisateur” for the Club Med Resort. There Rayna was in charge of activities and entertainment for children she supervised. She also modeled for the Club Med among other roles with the hotel chain organization. Judging by Club Med Resort’s Instagram page and website it’s a pretty swanky place to work, similar to the My Seanna super yacht.

But at some point Rayna got wanderlust again and decided to become a deckhand once again for Bravo’s Below Deck season 9 in Saint Kitts in the Caribbean.

Fans will certainly learn more about Rayna and her possible boatmance with Jake as Below Deck season 9 continues to air on Mondays on Bravo at 9 pm ET.

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