Below Deck Fans Call Season 9 Boring But TV Ratings High

Fans of Bravo’s reality TV show Below Deck are getting see-sick of Captain Lee and Chef Rachel Hargrove’s “forced” one-liners and the formulaic nature of the show while watching season 9.

The top Reddit post Thursday on Below Deck‘s r/belowdeck was a fan’s salty comments on how the show has felt stale for a long time.

“It just seems like nothing is happening.. or what happens is milked forever..” said Reddit user bananabrainok in a post upvoted more than 200 times.

“Captain Lee’s one liners are over the top now, crew antics are less [and] charter guests are putting it on,” the Reddit user continued. “I’ll keep watching it, but I’m on my phone half the time.”

A lot of other fans chimed in agreeing with the poster’s sentiments that the show’s cloying format has them weary.

“Yeah [Chef Rachel Hargrove] is trying way too hard. She and Lee both feel so forced for the cameras,” wrote one user.

Another Reddit user said too many of the crew members on the latest seasons are only on the boat to gain fame, which the user said kills the old vibe of Below Deck.

“The whole reason we enjoy the show is because it’s old school reality, these are people living their lives, the cameras just amplify them. It’s become reality for fame, and there’s enough of that and it’s always been disgusting.”

Despite long-time fans griping the show is losing their interest, Below Deck is more popular than ever before. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6’s TV ratings were the highest for any Bravo show, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Below Deck first started beating the Real Housewives franchise in late 2020 in the ratings battle.

Below Deck season 9’s episode 4 “Pissed-on Chickens Don’t Compare” was a season high at just under 1.4 million live viewers, which doesn’t include those streaming the show on apps like Peacock.

Whether it be a new wave of fans or there still being more diehard fans than those getting bored with the format, plenty of people still like watching crew romances and fights, drunken charter guests and wisecracks from Captain Lee, Rachel Hargrove, Eddie Lucas, Rayna Lindsey and the rest of the Below Deck season 9 crew.

Fans can watch season 9’s episode 5, “Leave Your Emotions at the Cabin Door”, on Bravo at 9 pm ET/PT on Monday, Nov. 22.

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