Selling Sunset: Did Davina Sell Client Adnan Sen’s $75 Million Home?

In season 2 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset Davina Potratz was warned against taking a listing for a gigantic $75 million mansion because the client was asking for more than Brett and Jason Oppenheim thought the compound was worth and would never sell. Davina couldn’t resist the challenge and chance at a massive million-dollar-plus commission and took the listing anyway, but was she able to sell real estate developer Adnan Sen’s beautiful property despite the huge asking price?

A year has passed since Davina took the listing and the Beverly Hills home is still listed on the Oppenheim Group‘s website at the same $75 million price (Adnan Sen apparently won’t budge). It looks like Jason and Brett weren’t just afraid of their egos being bruised if Davina broke their own records for biggest home they’ve ever sold as Christine Quinn thought. But it also looks like they aren’t too embarrassed by the allegedly overpriced property either because they’ve kept the listing through all of 2020 and 2021.

Last year Davina gave Cosmopolitan some the top selling features of the gigantic compound. Although property developer Adnan Sen’s $75 million home may come with huge price tag, it does have some incredible features. The over one-acre property has 7 bedrooms, 10 baths, a chef’s kitchen, and over 15,600 square feet. The inside of the house also has two walk-in closets, a movie theater, gym, and wine cellar.

Between the main house and guest house there’s also “one of Beverly Hills’ biggest and most stunning pools” that has a huge luscious lawn surround it and an outdoor kitchen and dining area for a resort-like feel. If you’re looking to get some shade from the California sun the pool area also has a “futuristic automated awning”.

As the private compound sits for sale, Davina’s client Adnan Sen’s company continues to develop more gorgeous, luxurious properties for the world’s extremely wealthy.

Season 4 of Selling Sunset comes out on Netflix on November 24 and may have some updates on the highly-priced $75 million home.

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