Who Is Peng Lim, Charter Guest From Below Deck Season 10

Who Is Peng Lim, Charter Guest From Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck season 10‘s first Primary Charter Guest Peng Lim and his friends came to party. The in-demand tax professional originally from Thailand got so drunk he puked at the dinner table the first night aboard superyacht St. David. The rowdy gay brought his best friends to celebrate his birthday with a rave bash on the second night of his charter. So who is Peng Lim from Below Deck season 10? Here’s everything you need to know.

Charter Guest Peng Lim With His Employees At His Company The Accounting Factor

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Peng Lim’s Instagram, Job

Peng Lim is a very successful accountant who founded and runs the tax preparation company The Accounting Factor. Before creating that business, he worked for a major CPA firm and then started his first accounting business. He sold that and then created his latest business. Peng studied at the University of Utah, according to his LinkedIn profile. His current accounting company focuses on customer service, accuracy, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

Peng’s Instagram shows he loves to party and hang out with his many friends. He loves to drink fine cocktails, shop for designer clothing, and vacation in luxury. He’s traveled all over the United States and the world. Peng lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Apparently Peng’s birthday bash on Below Deck season 10 got even more rowdy than what was shown on TV. At one point men and women were dressing up in playboy bunny outfits. Peng Lim also loves to dance, if you couldn’t tell from the show. He’s also a huge fan of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Heather Gay, one of the housewives from the show, is a charter guest on Below Deck Adventure‘s first season.

Peng Lim Designer Clothes

Peng Lim attends an award show wearing designer clothes from Balenciaga (Instagram).

Hopefully Peng Lim and the rest of the charter guests keep it together so he can redeem himself after a sloppy dinner the previous night.

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