Jake From The Trust: Instagram, TikTok, Job, Age, Hometown, More

Jake From The Trust: Instagram, TikTok, Job, Age, Hometown, More

Out of all the cast members on Netflix’s The Trust A Game Of Greed, Jake Chocholous may be the most controversial. After the first Trust Ceremony, where Juelz Morgan was targeted, Jake decided to assert his leadership of the group. The third test of the game, where everyone needed to be ranked in a line, he chose himself as first for smartness and leadership. His arrogance backfired because host Brooke Baldwin then made him rank everyone on trustworthiness. So, who’s Jake from The Trust?

The military veteran Blackhawk pilot caused major divisions in the house from his decision to put himself as the leader of the group. He then upset Tolu Ekundare because she wasn’t allowed to vote last time, but he didn’t acknowledge her when picking two people to go in the vault. Jake’s also had to navigate his romantic interest in Julie Theis while on the show.

Jake From The Trust: Instagram, TikTok, Job, Blackhawk Pilot, Tattoos, Relationship Status

Jake loves to hit the gym and has competed in body builder competitions

Jake loves to hit the gym and has competed in body builder competitions (Instagram).

Jake’s Instagram shows he’s big into body building and being a man’s man. Although on the show his job is listed as military contractor, Jake also now works as a an influencer with his show, The Man Up Daily Podcast. The staunch conservative appears to have made the influencer turn in April 2023, shortly after starring on The Trust in March, filming in the Dominican Republic at a giant villa. Jake’s show usually features him talking about controversial topics, like the body positivity movement and trans issues. He also likes to talk about the faults with modern women, including what makes them high value and low value.

Perhaps Mama Jay Patterson was right to label him a misogynist.

Jake also talks about how gay people can still maintain being a Christian if they abstain from homosexual acts. So far Netflix hasn’t taken a lot of flack for Jake’s conservative opinions, but that’s like to change with the show topping the charts on the streaming giant.

Jake posts his show to his TikTok account, which boasts 116,000 followers as of writing. That was before gaining followers from starring on The Trust.

Jake’s tattoos on his arms appear to be tied to his time serving in the US Army. He has a tattoo of Blackhawk helicopters like the ones he used to pilot. He also has a soldier aiming his sniper rifle, as well as some symbols. Jake appears to be based in Jacksonville, Florida, according to his Facebook profile.

Are Jake & Julie Together After The Trust?

Jake showing off some of his tattoos

Jake showing off some of his tattoos (Instagram).

Jake and Julie were close on the show and were becoming quite flirtatious as the show progressed. However, Jake upset Julie when he opted to pick Brian Firebaugh as his dinner date. She also didn’t like how he ranked her quite low in the ranking of who was most trustworthy. Jake was age 37 on the show, but he’s likely turned 38 since then, meanwhile Julie was only 28, so there’s significant age gap between the two. Also, Julie appears to be based in Austin, Texas, so there’s also a distance barrier to an ongoing relationship still being a thing.

The two do follow each other on Instagram though. We’ll have to wait and see if anything materializes between the two castmates.

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