The Real World Austin: What Happened To Danny Jamieson?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Danny Jamieson?

Netflix’s seemingly random acquisitions of old seasons of classic reality shows continues. The Real World season 16, shot in Austin, Texas in 2005, will be available to subscribers January 20. Since it’s been nearly 20 years since the season aired we can look back at the lives of the seven castmates since then. We’ll start by asking what happened to Danny Jamieson after The Real World Austin? During the season his mom died, he got his orbital bone broken, and he romanced fellow Real Worlder Melinda Stolp. Danny’s emotional journey made him the focus of the season despite spending most of it offscreen hurt or grieving. He’s been a reality star ever since, appearing here and there, but what else has gone on in Danny’s life since?

What Happened To Danny Jamieson? Reality Show History, Age, Marriage, Divorce, Award

A native of Billerica, Massachusetts, Danny turned age 40 on May 23 of 2023. He is a fun loving but often hot-and-cold Gemini. While he first burst onto the scene on The Real World, he truly made his mark on spinoff The Challenge. He and Melinda competed on a whopping six iterations of the show, from Fresh Meat in 2006 to Battle Of The Seasons in 2012. We got to see Danny and Melinda at every stage of their relationship. We say “every stage” because, as you may have guessed, their relationship and marriage didn’t last. They were married in 2008 but were done two years later, and never had any children. In fact, we found out that Danny and Melinda had split when Melinda told fans as much on 2012’s The Challenge, aka Cutthroat.

But just because their marriage ended didn’t mean their reality partnership did. That’s right — the divorced couple competed on the 2012 season. Even so, neither of them has won on any season, competing together or apart. It’s very hard to find any comment from Danny because he has basically no social media to speak of. But, fans speculated that the breakup was mostly Danny’s fault, saying, “Melinda had mentioned that he was borderline emotionally abusive. and he was trying to get her pregnant without her consent.” Even so, the couple did win “Best Love Story” when The Challenge hosted its own award show in 2008.

What Happened To Danny Jamieson? Facebook Page, Roofing/Construction Business, Remarriage

We have to rely on speculation to find Danny today, as he might be literally hiding under a rock. Fellow The Real World Austin contender Wes Bergmann actually revealed on his podcast that Danny has returned to his roots. We met Danny’s blue collar roofer dad on The Real World and it seems Danny has gone into the family business and made a good living. Other comments and a possible Facebook page speculate that he has remarried. However, some other comments reveal that outside of Wes, Danny doesn’t have any contact with the show, and didn’t want to come back for any of the All-Star seasons. A bit of Googling around also reveals this website for Jamieson Construction in the Billerica area. It’s likely that this may be the family business, still up and running. While Danny had a good run on reality TV, the simple life was always more for him.

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