The Real World Austin: What Happened To Melinda Stolp?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Melinda Stolp?

Melinda Collins, previously known as Melinda Stolp, was the other half of The Real World Austin‘s main romantic partnership with Danny Jamieson. Melinda and Danny were never a sure thing on the show as she came into the season with a boyfriend. She also became close with castmate Wes Bergmann for a time on the show. Danny and Melinda engaged in heartfelt letters, romantic dinners, and trying to make each other jealous. By the end they were a committed pair that married in 2008 and continued to compete on MTV reality spinoffs- as a couple. Then they divorced and continued to compete… as a couple! So, after being a reality fixture for years, what happened to Melinda Stolp?

What Happened To Melinda Stolp? 2nd Marriage, Children, Miscarriage, Reality Show History

Melinda Collins (née Stolp) on a Las Vegas trip

Melinda Collins (née Stolp) on a Las Vegas trip (Instagram).

Melinda has a lot more social media presence than her ex Danny, so we can find out a lot more. First of all, as you may have guessed from her last name, she did get married again. Her husband since 2016 is Matt Collins, who is a DJ according to his LinkedIn. They have two children together, Camden and Hayden. Camden came into the world in 2019, and Hayden was born in 2022. Sadly, the couple suffered a miscarriage and lost a baby girl in 2021. However, she continued to compete on MTV’s The Challenge, returning for All Stars season 2 and 3. In all, she has competed on six seasons of The Challenge. 

The Milwaukee native has recently turned 40, as her birthday is August 17, 1983. This makes her an energetic, motivated Leo. She can be found on Instagram and X/Twitter. On IG, she boasts 41,300 followers, and on Twitter she has 24,100 followers. Not bad, but she also shares her perspective with the world on her Blonde Moments podcast. Along with her bestie Gina Voge, all topics are up for discussion including funny news stories, sex, drugs, catfishing and weird surgeries.

Melinda with her husband Matt at their home in Wisconsin

Melinda with her husband Matt at their home in Wisconsin (Instagram).

What Happened To Melinda Collins? Family, Dogs, Wedding Venue, Charity Work, Reality Show Friends, Sports and Other Fandoms

After all this time, Melinda is very close with her mom and dad and always wishes them Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. She is also close to her big sister Melissa and is an aunt as well. Her dog of choice is the Bernedoodle, and she owns 2 named Finn and Gatsby. Melinda is also working on breaking ground on a new wedding venue, The Valerie. But, Melinda loves to keep her mind active through reading and is always delving into the newest crime thriller. Melinda is a committed Green Bay Packers fan and loves to engage in charity work with her reality show friends. This includes Molly Sinert from The Amazing Race, Morgan Ricke-Hals from Survivor, and Tina Barta from The Challenge. She remains friends with Wes and has hosted him on her podcast. Melinda is a very patriotic American and usually posts family and friend photos while showing the red, white and blue.

Melinda has negotiated her way to real life from reality life and has managed her share of challenges.

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