The Real World Austin: What Happened To Wes Bergmann?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Wes Bergmann?

If anyone has matured since his The Real World Austin days, it’s Weston “Wes” Bergmann. Back in 2005 he was a trifling woman chaser who ended up being slapped by short-term girlfriend Wren. Wes had a habit of bragging about sexual conquests and juggling multiple women, namely Wren and castmate Johanna Botta. But since then he has evolved into one of The Challenge’s most fearsome strategists. Wes’s historic strategic moves have their own top ten lists, proving that he’s much more than a dumb jock.  And he made his teenage dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur come true. He did eventually find true love as well, but he’s never tamed his aggressive edge on camera. Still, there are many positive things to note whenever anyone asks what happened to Wes Bergmann? 

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Wes with his wife Amanda Hornick and their baby daughter Lucy

Wes with his wife Amanda Hornick and their baby daughter Lucy (Instagram).

Wes has participated in an insane 21 The Challenge-related competitions, including once as a coach. He is best known for targeting and eliminating rivals, such as Yes Duffy (that is his real name) and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. But he’s also formed game-changing connections with The Real World Austin castmates Johanna and Nehemiah Clark and unlikely partner Casey Cooper.  In all he won 3 seasons (The Duel, Rivals II, and All Stars 3) and his total winnings are $562,200 USD. Although he has announced his retirement from active competition after The Challenge USA 2, he wants to remain affiliated with the series. There are rumors he will return for the upcoming 40th season of the show.

In addition to becoming synonymous with The Challenge, the 39-year-old Wes recently celebrated his birthday on November 24th. Wes is an adventurous and intelligent Sagittarius. We mentioned that Wes is married, and that took place in 2018 to Amanda Hornick. Four of his The Real World Austin castmates were in attendance: Nehemiah Clark, Melinda Collins (née Stolp), Lacey Buehler and Rachel Moyal. This is probably an accurate reflection of who Wes’s friends are in the original cast. Wes and Amanda welcomed baby Lucy Jean into the world just a few months ago on Sept. 29, 2023. Wes is also close to the Calafiore family of Big Brother and The Challenge fame.

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Wes was born in Leawood, Kansas, but makes Kansas City his home now. He has a Twitter/X profile and can be found on Instagram as well. He has a very impressive following with 439,000 followers on IG and 213,100 on Twitter. Ever the entrepreneur, Wes can be booked on Cameo  and his going rate is $125 USD. Speaking of Wes’ entrepreneurial skills, he founded Betablox, which, fittingly, is a reality show platform, where startups live and work together competing against other startups.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can compete for funding to fund their own startups there with Wes presiding as show master. Wes also has an active Patreon where for $26.50 you can hear him review the highlights of his reality career. Wes is another Bernedoodle fan and he and Amanda love Penny the dog very much. Before that, Wes’s beloved St. Bernard Bootstrap sadly passed away from cancer in 2021.

It doesn’t get much better than Wes’s current lifestyle for someone who came up on a reality TV show.

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