Physical 100: What Happened To Jung Hae-Min, Season 1 Runner-Up?

Physical 100: What Happened To Jung Hae-Min, Season 1 Runner-Up?

The final battle between Physical 100 season 1 winner Woo Jing-Yong and runner up, cyclist Jung Hae-Min, was grueling indeed. It will always be marked by controversy after it emerged that it needed to be started and stopped several times. What is known that even though Jung is a professional cyclist and strongman competitor, his endurance gave out. It was also implied by the show that he prioritizes his leg training over his arm training, which is why he “lost.” After the show ended and the controversy died down, however, both men reconciled and moved on.

Remember that it was Jung who defeated heavy favorite Yun Sung-Bin in the Punishment of Sisyphus challenge. Pushing boulders up a ramp repetitively requires a lot of arm strength and endurance. Knowing this makes it even harder to accept that Jung couldn’t outlast Woo in a test of endurance. Has he recovered from this unlucky, possibly rigged, loss? And what happened to Jung Hae-Min after the show?

What Happened To Jung Hae-Min? Interests, IG, Friendships, Travel, Son

During season 1 we saw that Jung shares many of the typical passions of his fellow elite Korean athlete. Training, food, clothes, travel, charity, partnerships with companies like Biosteel, and honoring family are among them. In fact, Jung’s father was a professional cyclist as well. However we can check in on Jung’s Instagram, which has gone from 18,000 to 24,200 followers since season 1. His account shows us that he has a silly side as well and likes to have fun. He likes to wear a beer mug hat on his head, or make goofy faces with his cycling/martial arts friends in a photo booth. He appears to have made a few new friends since the show, such as French-Canadian/Korean actor Julien Kang Hyung.

Jung has continued to travel since the show, visiting Paris, France, Taiwan and Japan. He seems to genuinely enjoy chilling out in nature and many of his photos are by rivers or in forests. However the biggest change in his life by far is the birth of his new son. We know he was born on December 22 in 2023 and weighing at 3.845 kg (8.5 pounds). We also have a partial picture of the mother, who appears at right in the photo burst. However we don’t know if Jung is married, or what his son’s name is. There is a small tag with Korean writing on the baby’s swaddling clothes, which may be his name if anyone can translate.

What Happened To Jung Hae-Min? Birthday, Cycling Prize, Electric Bike Reaction

When Jung’s 34th birthday on January 26th arrived, he didn’t seem to celebrate or post to socials about it. While he may not have secured the 3 million won prize on Physical 100 he did take home 10 million won in another cycling competition in April 2023. The year brought another first when Jung rode an electric bike for the first time. Although you can’t train using one, Jung did praise the machine’s smooth feel.

Will the show’s producers address the controversy from the season 1 final and bring Jung and Woo back for a rematch? We’ll have to watch to find out on Physical 100 season 2 coming out in March.

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