Below Deck Fans Bashed Fraser’s Management of Barbie & Cat

Below Deck Fans Bashed Fraser's Management of Barbie & Cat

Although most of the Below Deck fanbase love Fraser Olender and his progression from steward to chief steward over the last few seasons, he’s starting to lose some supporters. On Below Deck season 11, he’s been super hard on skilled stewardess Barbie Pascual, all while letting green stew Cat Baugh off the hook. Throughout the first four episodes, Fraser constantly complained about Barbie giving him attitude. Meanwhile, he kept making excuses for Cat messing up and being too slow. Below Deck fans bashed Fraser’s management of his interior team because of his double standard and lack of hierarchy.

At the end of episode 4, he told Barbie, “We gotta be fragile with [Cat].” He then told Barbie she needs to be more respectful on their second night out drinking Grenada. She then told him that he can be a bit sassy, too.

“No, hold on, wait. I don’t have sass. When something needs to be done, it needs to be done. And if it’s not being done correctly, then I’m going to get angry,” Fraser said.

“And I’m not, ‘Yes, sir-ing, no sir,’ That’s bulls—,” Barbie told him back.

Fraser then in a confessional complained about Barbie’s insubordination. “I don’t care about how good of a stew you are. Where do you get off that this attitude and this approach to your superior is going to work out for you?”

The clip then cuts to Fraser threatening Barbie, “If you think I’m [bleep] then you can [bleep] off. If you want to go against me, it’s going to be [bleep]. So [bleeping] bring it or go home.”

Below Deck Fans Bashed Fraser’s Management of Barbie & Cat

“Is Fraser blind? It’s nice he’s being kind to Cat but to me it looks a lot like he’s letting a personality clash with Barbie justify not being kind to his other stews. It’s just so unbalanced. Barbie is reacting to the way he’s treating her. Just treat them all equally dude — give constructive feedback to people who aren’t doing a good job and reward people who are,” said u/Iglet53 on Reddit.

“Unfortunately I do think Fraser is letting his emotions get the better of him here. Emotionally Cat needs more help but that doesn’t change the fact that she is actually very bad at the job. Emotionally Barbie is abrasive, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is very good at her job,” said another fan in the episode 4 thread. “And Fraser can’t seem to get past his emotions to manage both of them effectively, he keeps babying Cat and making excuses and keeps coming down super hard on Barbie and never building her up.”

Another viewer chimed in that Fraser needs to build up Barbie more.

“Fraser is annoying me more and more with every episode. He’s got a vendetta against Barbie and then coddles Kat who is shit at her job. Is Barbie perfect? No but I feel like her attitude is stemming from how Fraser treats her.”

Twitter/X also dragged Fraser for his double-standard treatment of Barbie and Cat.

Other fans blamed the issues on Fraser never creating a proper hierarchy because he didn’t designate the ranking of his stewardesses. Despite Barbie and Fraser’s clashing, the brunette Argentinian sang her bosses praises while on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, Feb. 26. Apparently they buried the hatchet later in the season and she learned lots from his mentorship.

Meanwhile, it looks like Cat eventually got fired for incompetence at the job.

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