Cat From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

Cat From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

It’s been a while since a Cat starred on Below Deck and the new one definitely has big shoes to fill. Below Deck seasons 1 and 2 star Kat Held’s wild party antics stole the show. However, stewardess Cat Baugh appears to be a lot more chill and subdued than her Below Deck predecessor. So, who’s Cat from Below Deck season 11?

“I’m a California girl through and through. Everyone will ask, ‘What’s your dream job?’ I’m like I don’t dream of labor, okay,” Cat said in the Below Deck season 11 trailer. “I like to keep chill, that’s how life should be.” The previews also show Cat complaining about the workload, including cleaning a dirty tub, and wanting to nap. No-nonsense Captain Kerry Titheradge may not be impressed with Cat’s whining on superyacht St. David while filming Below Deck season 11 in Grenada.

However, Captain Kerry recently commented on one her IG posts, so she couldn’t have been that bad. However, with replacement stewardess Paris Fields joining the crew at some point, Cat may be leaving the charter season early as one of the cast members fired on Below Deck season 11.

Stewardess Cat with her pet cat Paisley

Stewardess Cat with her pet cat Paisley (Instagram).

In her Bravo bio, Cat mentioned how overwhelmingly big working on a superyacht was for the show compared to the private boats she works on back home.

Who’s Cat From Below Deck Season 11: Instagram, Yachting Jobs, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Pet Cat, More

Below Deck season 11 stewardess Cat Baugh working on a charter boat in Newport Beach, California

Below Deck season 11 stewardess Cat Baugh working on a charter boat in Newport Beach, California (Instagram).

Cat Baugh’s Instagram reveals she loves to play guitar and draw. The yachtie stewardess is also a big world traveler.

She’s vacationed in Zambia, Warsaw, Poland, Hawaii, Guatemala, and other stunning locations. According to Bravo, she’s worked in the boating industry for five years in Newport Beach, California. Her hometown is Orange County in Southern California.

“My favorite place that I have traveled to would be Australia, hands down. The people were so fun to be around, and it was very easy for me to make new friends and live my active lifestyle.”

“My wildest charter guest was a couple chartering a yacht for three nights who brought their six dogs as their only company. It was wild in a different way. Those dogs are living a life of luxury,” Cat explained in an interview.

While working on charters, Cat misses her friends. “I miss my friends! I have amazing souls in my life and I’m so lucky to have found people who enjoy active hobbies.”

Cat’s birthday is on August 14, which makes her zodiac sign Leo. Her astrological signs explains her charming, warm, and friendly personality.

Cat is very close with her fur baby, her pet cat Paisley. She’s also best friends with her biological brother after she was estranged from him due to her adoptive religious cult family forcing her to not talk to him. Her dad died of multiple sclerosis when she was quite young, and then her mom died in her sleep a few years later.

She also loves to go surfing and drinking with friends. On the show her best friend was Marie “Sunny” Marquis.

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