Too Hot To Handle’s Hannah: Age, Jobs, IG, Music, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Hannah: Age, Jobs, IG, Music, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Hannah Brooke’s fondness for PDAs and underboob/dental floss bathing suits makes her a natural on Too Hot To Handle season 5As the fairly chill Trey Rogers found out, it can be a lot for one man to take in. But Hannah refused to be deterred after losing out to Christine Obanor for Louis ‘ affections. She continued to throw herself at Isaac Francis until he withered under her assault. We also know that you can usually count the number of boyfriends Hannah has on the fingers of one hand. Heart-on-her-nonexistent-sleeve-Hannah is a proud player, but not everyone is cool with her thirsty tactics.

Not being shy has paid off for Hannah, because she has parlayed her infamy into fame in a number of arenas. And with all the men trying to be the bad boy, it’s important to have at least one bad girl. She does have to worry about Isaac’s wandering eye, a problem that was unresolved at the end of Episode 7. For now, let’s find about Hannah Brooke, aka Hannah Sanders.

Too Hot To Handle’s Hannah: Modelling, Fitness, IG, TikTok, Music, Art, Dance, Nutrition, Travel

Hannah wearing her Californian twist on the Canadian tuxedo

Hannah wearing her Californian twist on the Canadian tuxedo (Instagram).

By now you know that every woman on Too Hot To Handle is a model or has done some modelling. It’s also no surprise that Hannah is obsessed with fitness and looking hot in the gym. However, Hannah is the most musically inclined of the cast. Check out her single, “Ready“, which dropped in 2021. She enjoys playing the piano and guitar and has a beautiful singing voice, which she shows off on her IG. Her social media game, like her, is very take-charge. She boasts an impressive 370,000 followers on Hannah’s IG, and Hannah’s TikTok is similarly dominant at 995,000. Hannah has some obvious artistic talent as well. She will draw pics of Handsome Squidward from Spongebob, or lifelike pencil renditions of Johnny Depp, Drake, or Miley Cyrus.

Hannah’s ranking for Instagram follower count beats her THTH season 5 castmates.


I just wanna know what happened to my eyeshadow lmao

? barbie girl sped up – sar

Hannah loves doing covers on social media, with John Mayer’s songs being a favorite. Then there’s her dance moves, which she prefers to show off on TikTok along with more collabs than you can count. Hannah is very much into nutrition and whenever she’s not eating men, she loves organic chicken and veggies. She’s never afraid to jet off to a fun vacation in NYC, Vegas, Tulum, Phuket, Chengdu, Malibu, Cancun, the Bahamas, Shanghai or Cabo.

Too Hot To Handle’s Hannah: Hometown, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

THTH season 5 star Hannah reading some food for thought

It’s no secret that Hannah is a proud California girl, hailing from Los Angeles specifically. She is 24 years old and her date of birth is actually September 11th. She is a very analytical and extremely practical person, so she is well suited to be a Virgo. We also know that Hannah is a graduate of San Diego State University, graduating in 2020. Finally, Hannah likes to have fun with costumes, dressing as Angelina’s Lara Croft or showing her claws dressed in her signature cheetah print. It’s obvious that Hannah is much, much more than just a pretty face, but she seems to be unattache and single as of now.

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