Love Is Blind: SK Cheating On Raven Allegations Explained

Love Is Blind: SK Cheating On Raven Allegations Explained

Love Is Blind star SK (Sikiru) Alagbada is in hot water after his nice-guy portrayal on season 3. Two TikTok influencers posted videos making allegations of SK cheating on his ex fiancée and current girlfriend Raven Ross. UPDATE: The second accuser dropped an explosive TikTok video on Friday (now-deleted as of Sunday, Nov. 20) allegedly documenting her relationship with SK, including trips to Spain and Cabo. On top of that, a third woman came forward also claiming SK played her, too.

SK with Alleged Ex Girlfriend Hannah Beth (a fashion influencer) on a romantic vacation in Ibiza, Spain (TikTok).

Hannah Beth (a fashion influencer from Dallas) allegedly on a romantic vacation in Ibiza, Spain with SK in 2021 (TikTok).

UPDATE: Raven and SK released a joint statement announcing their breakup late Sunday night on Nov. 20.

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK's Breakup Statement Posted ON Instagram

Love is Blind season 3 couple Raven and SK released a joint statement saying they were breaking up, but they won’t be talking about it because of “on-going legal proceedings” (Instagram).

“We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time,” Raven and SK said.

“Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

UPDATE: SK released a statement on Instagram saying that he and Raven were single after the show ended and dated other people and rekindled the relationship later on. He also said the “allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent, and we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved.”

SK Posted A Message Late Wednesday Night About the Cheating Allegations

SK Claims Cheating Allegations 'Falsely Misrepresented' What Happened For 'Malicious Intent'

Love Is Blind star SK claims cheating allegations ‘falsely misrepresented’ events with ‘malicious intent’ and says ‘we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved’ (Instagram).

He and Raven were one of the most compatible couples from Love Is Blind season 3 and fans were really rooting for them. SK already got dragged by fans for rejecting Raven at the altar on their wedding day after leading her on that he would say “I do”. Well it might be best she didn’t get married to the Nigerian at the end of the show.

A Woman On TikTok Claims SK May Have Cheated On Raven By Hitting On Her On Hinge

TikTok User @emmwho9 Posting A Beach Pic

TikTok User @emmwho9, who accused SK of potentially cheating on Raven, posting a beach picture (TikTok).

San Francisco resident and TikTok user @emmwho9 released a now-deleted video showing alleged receipts from text conversations she alleges she had with Love Is Blind star SK in early 2022. They allegedly met on the dating app Hinge. Screenshots of their alleged text message conversation purport to show SK thirsting after the freckled blonde Californian who didn’t appear to be that interested. She claims he sent her a video of him kayaking, and the video does look exactly like SK.

TikTok Influencer Warning Raven About SK Allegedly Cheating

TikTok influencer telling Raven about SK allegedly cheating after Love Is Blind season 3 (TikTok).

In the alleged texts, @emmwho9 eventually sent him a bikini pic and agreed to meet him. SK allegedly joked about her computer science education and offered to do her homework. The woman alleges the went on one date together and stopped communicating four months ago, and started talking back in April.

At one point in the alleged conversation, SK references two other Netflix reality TV shows. He allegedly wrote his phone was “too hot to handle” after seeing a bikini pic she sent him. Then he allegedly namedropped that his neighbor’s sister is Selling Sunset season 5 star Chelsea Lazkani, who’s British-Nigerian.

At one point in the alleged texts SK says he’s going to Cabo, where he allegedly went on a vacation with another woman alleging he dated her after Love Is Blind.

When a fan asked her why she brought the story to TikTok, she explained, “Expose him of course.” After the second accuser dropped her receipts, @emmwho9 reposted her TikTok video exposing her relationship with SK. She again deleted it over the weekend.

Love Is Blind‘s Raven Responds To First SK Cheating Allegation With Now-Deleted Instagram Video

She also told fans she dropped the receipts because Raven initially claimed she was lying in a now-deleted TikTok video response. Raven’s Nov. 14th video’s text read, “Me calling ATT to pull up the messages y’all were talking about.” She then mouthed the words, “That’s what I get for saying ‘My man, my man, my man’ so loud … Next!” It looks like she may no longer be dismissing the claims after she deleted the video and two broke up.

Raven’s Instagram no longer has couple pics with SK after she deleted them Sunday afternoon.

Love Is Blind Star Raven Posts Adoring Instagram Couple Caption For SK

Love Is Blind star Raven posted an adoring Instagram couple caption for her “king” SK before deleting it on Sunday (Instagram).

SK’s Instagram had all his newest posts’ comments turned off since the cheating allegations started surfacing. On Love Is Blind, SK, now age 36, said he was on the show to settle down and find a wife. Fans are now labeling him a low-key villain of the show.

Alleged Video Of SK Kayaking He Sent To Hinge Date

Alleged Video Of Love Is Blind star SK Kayaking he sent to his Hinge date when allegedly cheating on Raven (TikTok).

TikTok Fashion Influencer Claims She’s SK’s Ex Girlfriend & Went On Vacation To Europe With Him

Hannah Beth Fashion Influencer Claiming SK Dated Her & Cheated On Raven

Fashion influencer Hannah Beth Style claims SK dated her after Love Is Blind season 3 (Instagram).

Fashion TikTok influencer @hannahbethstyle also posted a video message claiming she dated SK and also alleges that she found he still had a contact for Raven labeled “fiancée” after going on Love Is Blind season 3.

TikTok Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth Alleges She Dated SK After Love Is Blind

TikTok fashion influencer Hannah Beth alleges she dated SK after Love Is Blind and they went to Europe together (TikTok).

“When your ex take you to Europe and talks about getting back together, but on the trip you find out he has a ‘fiancée’ from a reality show he did on Netflix but then he tells you it’s all fake and for the $. So you say you’ll believe him if you get to meet his fake ‘fiancée’, but that never happens. And now you’re waiting for him to get exposed as the actual villain instead of this phony Angel he portrayed him as,” said Hannah Beth, from Dallas, wrote in a now reposted video. She alleges they were boyfriend and girlfriend back in 2019.

“Don’t speak on situations you’ve never been in. I told him I was going to address it and he panic called me. We were friends before all of this,” the TikTok influencer said to another user asking why she initially deleted her video.

Some Love Is Blind fans claimed she was making up the story for clout chasing. However, she dropped alleged receipts of their romantic trips to Ibiza, Spain, and Cabo, Mexico.

Hannah Beth on Instagram

Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth (Instagram).

Hannah said, “Yes I spoke to him. We’re hashing this out on Friday so I’m waiting.” She alleges she declined to meet up with SK. Instead she late-night dropped a bombshell video claiming to document their romantic trips in 2021 and 2022. She also claimed he invited her to Miami for a yacht trip back in September, a month before Love Is Blind season 3 first aired on Netflix.

Hannah allegedly with SK on a romantic trip to Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022 (TikTok).

It’s unclear if the two women deleted their videos due to the “ongoing legal proceedings” mentioned in the breakup statement. Raven in her comments said that Hannah tried to “extort” SK and her before releasing her story.

Although Raven and SK in most interviews haven’t disclosed when they got back together, Raven said they’ve been back together over a year and were pretty much back together after a break after filming.

“We’re still together, it’s been a while now,” Raven said in an interview on Nov. 10 with podcast host Nick Viall. “Like over a year, pretty much since filming. After filming, you know, we had a weird space for a while. He, I think within that week, had to move to California. So, we definitely had a long transition period where we like still talked. But I think it’s been a little over a year that we were officially like, ‘Okay, like you know, we’re going to be official and move forward, and kind of pick up where we left off. But there is so much love there. And, like, he’s literally my best friend. So yeah, we’ve been making it work between Texas and California.”

In the interview Raven also explained how she and SK made their long-distance relationship work.

“But really, what makes it work for us is that we have such a strong foundation that’s really based in communication. So that I feel like is essentially what you need for a long-distance relationship. I trust him so much. And I also know that like we have such good communication skills between each other that if something’s wrong or someone needs a little bit extra, like for instance, having a rough week, we can be that for each other. So I think for me, what I’ve always looked for in a relationship is a really strong partnership, you know? And we really have that.”

A Third Woman Accuses Love Is Blind Star SK of Playing Her

Jada Rice From San Francisco Accused SK of Dating Her Earlier this Year

Third SK accuser Jada Rice from San Francisco (Instagram).

A woman named Jada Rice came forward on Sunday, Nov. 20, saying he flew her out to be his date in Oakland, California earlier this year in January. She also provided screenshots of alleged text messages. She posted her account on her Instagram stories, which Reddit Love Is Blind fans posted about.

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