Physical 100’s Quest 25 Survival Game’s Rules, Winners & Losers

Physical 100's Quest 25 Survival Game, Winners & Losers

Netflix’s Korean hit show Physical 100‘s episode 6 started off with a bang, or rather 20 busts smashing. Twenty-five cast members were eliminated from the competition after losing Quest 2 “Moving Sand” where teams of two competed to see who could get the most sand in their respective sandbox within 12 minutes. However, the AI computer host decided to give the Quest 2 losers a second shot at the game in a revival competition called “Quest 25”.

Rules For Physical 100‘s Quest 25 or 25-Person Survival Game For Chance At Revival

Trainer Bang Seong-hyeok reacts after his bust smashes during Physical 100's survival game, Quest 25

Trainer Bang Seong-hyeok reacts after his bust smashes during Physical 100‘s survival game, Quest 25 (Netflix).

The rules for the Quest 25 side revival competition are pretty straightforward. Each players bust (a pottery sculpture of their torso) was hanging from the rafters of the arena tied to a rope. All 25 Quest 2 losers’ busts were there with added weight as well to equal 40% of each contestant’s body weight. All players picked up their rope and held their bust up at the same time. The last five to outlast the other in keeping their busts suspended and avoiding busting them got to save themselves and rejoin the main competition and still compete for the 300 million won prize.

The competition was similar to the pre-quest at the start of the show, where contestants similarly had to use their strength to hang on longer than the other competitors, but instead holding themselves up to avoid falling in the pool of water below. Some of the successful winners of this competition realized it was a mind game. They kept counting in their head to distract them from thinking to hard about holding up 40% of their body weight.

Only the last five contestants keeping their busts from smashing moved on to compete in Quest 3.

Physical 100‘s Winner & Losers From Quest 25 & Best Strategy For Revival Game

The survivors from Quest 25 who revived to continue to compete in Physical 100

The survivors from Quest 25 who revived to continue to compete in Physical 100 (Netflix).

Travel YouTuber Tarzan’s team lost in Quest 2, so he and his teammates, rapper Dbo, fitness YouTuber Shim Eu-Ddeum, fitness model Im Jeong-Yun, and personal trainer Bang Seong-Hyeok, all competed in the revival match. Wrestler Nam Kyung-jin’s team of CrossFit influencer Shim Eu-ddeum, fitness trainer Jjang Jae, CrossFitter Hwang Bit-yeo-ul, and MMA fighter Park Hyung-geun also tried their best individually to win at “The Weight of Survival” revival quest.

Singer Ovan, MMA fighter Kim Sang-wook, MMA fighter Joo Dong-jo, bodybuilder An Da-Jeong, and bodybuilder Bang Ji-hoon also tried their best to hold up their busts in Quest 25. Finally, these other ten Physical 100 competitors tried their best to save their replica physiques: rugby player Jang Seong-min, bodybuilder Kim Ye-hyun, fitness model and casino dealer Seong Chi-hyun, pole sports athlete Choi Sung-hyuk, dancer and bodybuilder Lee Guk-young, Korean CrossFit champion in 2020 Kwak Myung-sik, fitness model and coach Jong-hyeok, national team bobsledder Kang Han, calisthenics coach Lee Jun Myeong, and chef Lee Min-u.

First eliminated was Kang Han, who lost his balance very early. Next, trainer Bang Seong-hyeok’s bust came crashing down. Shortly thereafter wrestler Nam Kyung-jin and rugby player Park Ji-su dropped their busts, too. It looked like the heavier guys had a lot harder time holding their busts up due the added weight they had to hold. After a couple more players were eliminated, Tarzan also failed to keep himself alive in Physical: 100. Then another Quest 2 team leader failed to move on when Jang Seong-min’s bust plummeted to its destruction. Kwak Myung-sik dropped his after that. Then MMA fighter Joo Dong-jo was out. At this point only 12 players were left. Seven more players needed to be eliminated before the game would end.

Some final players eliminated: Ex-fencer Kim Ye-hyun, rapper Dbo, fitness trainer Jjang Jae, and Son Hee-dong.

Kim Sang-wook, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Seong Chi-hyun and Shim Eu-ddeum are the five to survive and revive. They were then automatically put together as the sixth group of five to be part of Physical 100‘s third quest involving dragging a 1.5 ton ship.

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