Physical: 100 – How Much Is 300 Million Won Prize In Dollars

Physical: 100 - How Much Is 300 Million Won Prize Is In Dollars

Netflix viewers across the the globe are enjoying a real-life version of the streaming services hit show Squid Games (minus the mass killings). Physical: 100 pits 100 contestants against each other competing in quests until one man or woman with the perfect physique is left standing to claim a big money prize and the title of being the most fit South Korean. Now fans across the world want to know how much 300 million South Korean won is worth in dollars.

How Much 300 Million Won Prize On Physical: 100 Is Worth In American Dollars Today & When Filmed

Physical: 100 contestant competing for the 300 million won prize

Physical: 100 contestants competing for the 300 million won prize (Netflix).

Today, 300 million won in a currency conversion with the United States dollar equals $240,414 USD. The show was likely filmed about a year ago. Currencies value against each other fluctuate. Back at the start of January, 2022, the Physical: 100 prize of 300 million won converted to $250,649 or just over a quarter million USD. Okay, so it’s not Survivor‘s $1 million prize, but it seems like a lot less work and time for significant money nonetheless.

Meanwhile, that’s a far cry from the 45.6 billion won prize contestant 456 won in Squid Games. Seong Gi-hun’s prize converts to about $37 million USD today. That’s a heck of a lot more than the money won by the still undisclosed winner on Physical: 100.

How Much 300 Million Won Is Worth In Canadian Dollar & Australian Dollar

The Canadian dollar isn’t doing so hot in the early days of 2023. So the winner of Physical: 100 would win the equivalent of $322,430 Canadian today.

The Australian dollar is worth even less these days. 300 million won is worth $347,315 dollars in Australia today.

South Korea’s best athletes test their endurance, strength and kinesthetic intelligence to see who has the perfect physique in Physical: 100. Sure, it’s not nearly as much money as the fictional Squid Games. But at least contestants don’t have to risk dying to win a cool quarter million dollars or more (depending on which country you’re from). Fans will have to wait to see who wins the 300 million won prize money once Netflix finally releases Physical: 100‘s finale episode. Will the winner be a CrossFitter, MMA fighter, military soldier, mountain climber, firefighter, Olympian athlete or wrestler?

The next batch of episodes drop on Feb. 7. Fans will be curious to see how the cast member spent the nice chunk of change, too.

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