Below Deck Adventure Reunion Episode: Why There Isn’t One

Below Deck Adventure Reunion Episode: Why There Isn't One

Below Deck Adventure season 1 ended abruptly after Bravo only aired 13 episodes and 7 groups of charter guests sailed on superyacht Mercury in various locations in Norway. Although not as dramatic and compelling as Below Deck season 10 or even Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, many Bravo yachtie fans still enjoyed watching Captain Kerry Titheradge and the rest of the crew. Now fans want to know if there will be a Below Deck Adventure reunion episode for the inaugural season.

Fans want to know what happened to Captain Kerry, Bosun Lewis Lupton, Chef Jess Condy, Stews Kasie Faddah and Orianna Schneps, Deckhands Nathan Morley, Michael Gliman, Kyle Dickard, Seth Jacobson, and Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke.

Below Deck Adventure Reunion Episode Not Announced By Bravo & Crew Purportedly Didn’t Film Yet

Bravo still hasn’t announced a Below Deck Adventure season 1 reunion episode despite the finale of the inaugural season airing on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2023. Typically the reunion episode for a Below Deck season is announced before the finale airs or shortly thereafter. For example, Below Deck Mediterranean season 7’s reunion episode was announced the same day the finale aired.

Recently, both Lewis and Oriana said they hadn’t heard about a reunion episode.

Now there are reports Captain Kerry is filming for Below Deck season 11, replacing Captain Lee.

Below Deck Adventure had a different production company make the show than the other spinoffs. Perhaps, similar to Below Deck Down Under, which released as a Peacock original, the latest spinoff won’t get a reunion episode. However, Below Deck Down Under not having a reunion episode just because it’s a Peacock original doesn’t make much sense. Andy Cohen is hosting Peacock original series The Traitors reunion episode on Bravo.

There’s still hope then that Bravo could also be late announcing a reunion episode for Below Deck Adventure, however the show didn’t perform all that well in the ratings, averaging about half a million viewers per episode. Without a huge viewership there’s less of a demand to host a reunion episode. A lot of Below Deck fans want to keep the captain but clear house with the rest of the crew. That happened for BDSY season 2, after fans didn’t like the inaugural crew.

It appears some seasons of Below Deck there just isn’t time in the production schedule. That or enough cast members don’t want to do it that a reunion doesn’t materialize.

Below Deck season 4 is the only season without a reunion episode from the original series. Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s first three seasons all had reunions, but Below Deck Mediterranean‘s first two season did not.

What Fans Want Answered If There’s A Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Reunion Episode

Although not the most popular Below Deck spinoff so far, plenty of drama and interesting things happened on Below Deck Adventure season 1.

Fans want to know more about the antics of fired deckhand Kyle. The self-described cowboy was also the latest of 12 Below Deck cast members arrested from the franchise. Viewers are also curious how Oriana hooked up and started dating charter guest John Dampeer from the beginning of the show. Speaking of charter guests, the crew faced a lot of uncomfortable flirting from the recently divorced charter guests Lauran and Christy‘s group of older ladies. Fans would also like to know more about the power dynamic struggle between Lewis and Seth. Also, what happened after the conflicts between Faye and Lewis, as well as Faye and Chef Jess.

Viewers would also like to know more about the different adventures the guests went on in Norway. Also, are Nathan and Kasie dating after all the photos together of them on social media? Nathan recently visited Kasie in Costa Rica and she also visited him in Florida.

Below Deck Adventure stars Nathan and Kasie doing yoga together

Below Deck Adventure stars Nathan and Kasie doing yoga together (Instagram).

If Bravo doesn’t host a reunion episode perhaps some of the crew will host their own reunion like Below Deck Down Under season 1’s cast did. The crew are already having watch parties in Miami with some of the charter guests.

If Bravo announces a Below Deck Adventure reunion episode will make sure to update this article with the good news.

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