Below Deck Med Fans Bash Kyle & Natasha For Lazy Work Ethic

Below Deck Med Fans Bash Kyle & Natasha For Lazy Work Ethic & Bullying Natalya

Below Deck Med fans can’t believe Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb and Steward Kyle Vlijoen‘s lazy work ethic. The two stews over the last few episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 have repeatedly slacked off at night. To top it off, they keep leaving big messes in the interior of superyacht Home for Stewardess Natalya Scudder to clean up in the morning! And it’s not like they were getting slammed with orders from charter guests like Shelby and her girlfriends. Instead of working while waiting for the guests to go to bed, they spend a lot of their time talking about Natasha’s ex boyfriend and Kyle’s crush Frank.

Below Deck Med Fans Trash Tash & Kyle For Lazy Slacking Off

Below Deck viewers aren’t buying the gaslighting and excuses coming from Natasha and Kyle for why the interior of the superyacht turned into a pigsty. It all began when Natasha, self-admittedly unable to be single, ran back to her ex boyfriend after cheating on him with Chef Dave White. In her desperation, Natasha started texting back and forth with her on-again boyfriend on the job. The pantry and the interior upkeep began to slip, and then Kyle got a tooth ache and heartsick infatuation. (Kyle and Frank didn’t even end up together after the show ended.)

Natasha, instead of being a boss, encouraged Kyle’s flirty transgressions on the job with Frank and the other charter guests. They stayed up late hanging out with charter guests, leaving a huge mess for Natalya to deal with in the morning. Natalya, fed up with picking up the slack, finally reported the sticky situation to Catpain Sandy Yawn. The captain, along with fans, had enough of their slacking shenanigans and chewed out Natasha. But Below Deck Med fans are also dragging Natasha and Kyle for their lazy attitude on the job.

“Natasha and Kyle are a mess. It’s not that they don’t understand their jobs, they’re just too lazy to do the hard/tedious parts like cleaning. They’re like Ryan in the kitchen, just put your feet up, pick your toes and watch the filth sit. Ridiculous,” said one Below Deck Reddit user.

“Natalya isn’t exactly a snitch if she already called out the problem and the self-described service queen and distracted chief are too busy gossiping to do actual work,” said Reddit user Kininger625.

“‘The one thing I hate more than anything is a snitch,’ Um, Tash that’s literally something the villain usually says,” said another.

Fans On Twitter Drag Kyle & Natasha For Their Negligence In Interior

OG Below Deck Chief Stewardess Adrienne Gang also couldn’t believe how terrible Kyle and Natasha were at doing their job in interior.

“I think Natalya is exercising a LOT more patience than I would. I’d drop all those dirty dishes on their damn bunks,” she said on Twitter.

Adrienne also defended Natalya for telling the truth to Captain Sandy because she shouldn’t have to keep cleaning up for her boss and colleague.

“Natalya was absolutely in the right to talk to Sandy about the messes. She’s tried talking to Natasha and Kyle but they are just leaving bigger messes for her to clean up.”

Other Below Deck Med season 7 viewers also defended Natalya’s actions and pointed out how much they don’t like Kyle’s rude comments, defensiveness and lack of awareness to his shortcomings.

“Kyle is an entitled immature brat & his nasty comments about the ladies on the charter were disrespectful, rude & just plain mean. But we’re suppose to give him a pass because he misses the guy he just met,” said one fan.

Others were happy to see the pair of laggards start to receive Captain Sandy’s wrath.

Whatever happens the rest of the season, it looks like Kyle and Natasha are still thick as thieves. Kyle works for Natasha’s yachtie recruiting company. The pair also hung out in New York, where Kyle lives with his boyfriend, when Natasha went on Watch What Happens Live back in August.

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