Stew Kyle Viljoen From Below Deck Med: Everything To Know

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 Steward Kyle Viljoen is a self-described “service queen” and one of the only male interior crew members in franchise history. Fans wanting to know everything about Kyle from Below Deck Med have come to the right place.

Before Kyle joined superyacht HOME, Below Deck season 9 had a male interior crew member, Second Stew Fraser Olender.

Kyle lives up to his claim of being an outsized character, already making the first charter guests laugh hysterically when he greeted them with a pink vibrator sticking out of his pants. Between Kyle’s humor and Chief Stew Natasha Webb‘s organization, alongside Natalya Scudder‘s personable professionalism, Below Deck Med season 7 charter guests are being taken care of. That is, until Natasha and Kyle get distracted from their jobs.

Here’s everything Below Deck Med fans need to know about joint Second Stew Kyle Viljoen.

Stew Kyle is From South Africa & Came Out As Gay The Year Before Going On Show

Before filming Below Deck Med season 7 in the summer of 2021, Kyle first came out as gay only in March of last year.

Kyle grew up going to an all-boys school in South Africa, a country that still isn’t opening and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, so he decided to hide his sexual identity. He also told fans on the show in episode one that he had a secret relationship for 12 years. Kyle later revealed that his secret lover ended up leaving him for a woman.

“Keeping all of that inside damaged me a lot,” Kyle said about living a double life for 12 years.

“It really put me to my mental edge. I was in the small town that I grew up in,” said Kyle about his previous relationship in an interview on Up and Adam!. His former partner broke up with him while he was in charter in the Bahamas via text message.

“But I’d like to make humor out of a situation that is uncomfortable. And through that humor I attracted more people to my personality…” Kyle explained of how he dealt with his emotional trauma of being in the closet almost until the age of 30 years-old.

Kyle working as a flight attendant (Instagram).

“I’m nearly 30 and I really want to have kids some day,” Kyle said on Below Deck Med season 7.

While on the show, Kyle had a major crush on charter guest Frank Fay, a tech recruitment manager living in New York City. However, Kyle and Frank’s relationship didn’t work out after the show ended, but they do remain good friends. 

Kyle Is Dating ‘Love of my Life’ Boyfriend Dr. Zachary Riley

It looks like Kyle found true love after filming Below Deck Med season 7. Kyle’s Instagram includes a bunch of pictures with his boyfriend Zachary Riley, a doctor of physical therapy.

The two live in New York City together with their dog. Here’s how Kyle describes meeting the love of his life in his own words.

Kyle with his boyfriend Zachary (Instagram).

“I moved to NYC in my new apartment in search of a something new as I am one for challenges and constant changes, after living in 3 countries and travelled to over 50 places in the world,” Kyle wrote in an Instagram post. “It seemed impossible because I then met Zachary who changed my whole perspective of love. I met him and our doggo Jameson two weeks after my move not knowing him at all prior and now has become a part of my everyday. It took me time to understand what love could be, process my feelings and happily accept what is here and now and never to anticipate the unknown. After it all Zachary has been patient, understanding, caring, loving, hilarious, intellectual and a perfect match to all the things I was not, however I soon learned to become.”

Kyle Has Job At Chief Stew Natasha’s Yachtie Recruiting Company & Worked As Flight Attendant

Below Deck Med Stew Kyle takes pride in his work in the service industry.

“I’m a service queen from the get go. So extreme personality, extreme service. I have exactly 18 cousins I grew up with, you know, I had to stand out. ‘Hello, can you hear me!?'” Kyle explained on the show.

In the lead up to joining season 7, Kyle worked as a chief stew for four years. According to Kyle’s LinkedIn profile, he worked as the Chief Steward on Namasté, a 38-meter motor superyacht. Before that job, Kyle worked for a few different airlines, including for Fireblade Aviation, serving celebrities and royalty. In an interview, Kyle said he and his brother sold everything and moved to Miami four years ago to pursue yachting.

Stew Kyle with Below Deck Med season 7 interior crew Chief Stew Natasha Webb and Stew Natalya Scudder (Instagram).

Kyle moved from Johannesburg, South Africa, to New York City in 2020. Since January of 2022, he has worked for Chief Stew Natasha’s yachtie recruitment company, Indie Pearl. It looks like Kyle didn’t mind working for Natasha on HOME. He also has his Bachelor of Education from the University of Pretoria.

Kyle is Friends With Below Deck‘s Aesha, Anastasia & Chef Ryan

Kyle loves to be the life of the party. Recently he hung out with his friends and fellow Below Deck Mediterranean stars Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava. Aesha Scott just starred in Below Deck Down Under as Chief Stew, and previously worked as second stew on Below Deck Med seasons 4 and 5.

Below Deck Med stars Kyle, Aesha and Anastasia hang out in New York City together (Instagram).
Kyle hanging out with Anastasia and Aesha, stars from Below Deck Med season 4 (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Anastasia just got married on July 12!

But Kyle isn’t just friends with those two Below Deck alum, he’s also partied with other star yachties, including Below Deck season 9 deckhand Jake Foulger! He also became friends with Below Deck Down Under‘s infamous Chef Ryan, too, when they were both on Watch What Happens Live.

Tune into Bravo for new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 at 8 p.m. EST on Mondays to learn more about Stew Kyle Viljoen.

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