Below Deck: What Happened to Jake Foulger After Season 9

Below Deck: What Happened to Jake Foulger After Season 9

Throughout season 9, Jake was naked, drunk and trying to hook up with other superyacht My Seanna crew members, including Heather Chase and Rayna Lindsey. He also got in trouble with fans for leading on second stew Fraser Olender. Furthermore, fans found signs he was lying about his fiancée Paris not actually being his girlfriend.

Despite his faults, fans enjoyed his rambunctiousness as one of the most entertaining characters on Below Deck season 9.

Why Didn’t Jake Attend The Below Deck Season 9 Reunion Episode?

Jake Foulger missed the season 9 reunion episode, which saddened and surprised Below Deck fans. Bravo network’s kingpin Andy Cohen also disappointed that Jake wasn’t able to make the reunion episode.

Although there was no official reason for him declining to appear, later in 2021 he spoke about his mental health struggles.

Jake Is Single After His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him

Also near the end of 2021, Jake revealed he was single after his girlfriend broke up with him last fall. Jake didn’t say who his girlfriend was, but some fans suspect he may still have been dating his ex-fiancée Paris Field. Coincidentally, Paris turned out to be one of the replacement stewardesses on Below Deck season 11

Below Deck's Jake Foulger's 'Fiance' Paris
In episode 5, Jake Foulger explained that he was engaged to his Australian fiancée Paris Field to help her with emigrating to England (Screengrab, Bravo).

Since then, Jake’s Instagram stories show him mostly spending time with friends and family. He also changed his look a couple times since the show, shaving off his moustache and beard at one point. Then we was rocking a platinum blonde mullet and new ‘stache doing his best impression of Joe Exotic from Tiger King. In March 2024, Jake shared some photos of him with what appears to be his new special lady. 

Below Deck season 9 Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger with a blonde girl he may be dating

Below Deck season 9 Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger with a blonde girl he may be dating (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 9's Jake Foulger As Joe Exotic
Below Deck season 9’s Jake Foulger makes himself look like Joe Exotic from Netflix’s hit documentary Tiger King (Instagram, screenshot).

Jake’s Battle With Mental Health

Jake has been pretty open with his mental health struggles. He also denies Below Deck contributing to his mental health struggles.

“Just to better myself. I’ve had a very hard year and have learned from all my mistakes and I will stay away from all the red flags now. So, my goal is to date and love myself and not give a [bleep] about anyone else. Time to be selfish,” Jake told fans on Instagram about his resolution for 2022. He also told another fan Santa gave him “a sack full of depression” for Christmas.

Since then, Jake appears to have gotten a lot better mentally. Lots of fans wished him well at the time of his struggles. He’s spending a lot of time with friends, family, and a lot of time outdoors in England.

The new bio on Jake’s Instagram in 2022 read: “New adventure to happiness and being the best person I can be!”

It now reads, “Happy all the time because I choose to be.”

Since his bout with depression, by the end of 2022, Jake partied and toured around Bali, Indonesia, In 2023, he traveled in Australia and France. He also started earning an income posting risqué photos and videos on OnlyFans. 

Jake Stopped Watching Below Deck & Friendships With Rayna and Fraser

Since the show ended deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Fraser Olender have both stated they think they will stay good friends with Jake. He even put out a happy birthday post for Fraser last October.

Rayna has repeatedly told fans that Jake told her to stop watching the show because of how much her portrayal bothered her. Rayna claims her hook-up with Jake was faked, and that the reality TV show is fake, too. Jake has also reiterated that a lot of the show just wasn’t accurate. He claims Below Deck editors cut out a lot of the fun times everyone was having on the superyacht and on crew nights out.

Below Deck season 9 fans looking to interact with him can pay for a shoutout on Jake’s Cameo.

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