Rayna Claims Below Deck, Reality TV & Scenes With Jake Are Fake

Rayna from Below Deck Season 9 Suggests Heather's Friend & New Stew Kaylee Are Roommates
Rayna from Below Deck season 9 hinted that Heather’s friend & potential new stew Kaylee could be her new roommate on the yacht (Screenshot, Bravo).

Rayna is claiming her raunchy sex scene with Jake, and reality TV like Below Deck season 9, are fake!

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey’s self-described “big mouth” can’t stop trashing her Below Deck My Seanna crew and the Bravo show’s production. First on Instagram, Rayna rejected Chief Stew Heather Chase’s apologies for repeating the N-word on the show. Then, she called out Captain Lee (recovering in hospital from spinal surgery) for his silence on the controversy. Next, she called for the firing of Heather and Eddie Lucas, who basically said she lied about him not caring. Then, moving her target from Below Deck, she threw shade at NBA players Rayna allegedly helped cheat on their girlfriends. Now, Rayna’s hinting Heather’s friend and new stew Kaylee Milligan is her new roommate for the rest of season 9.

Rayna Claims Jake & Her Didn’t Hook Up

Rayna’s latest flurry of bombs on her Instagram Q&A also included denying she and Jake had sex on the show. Despite quite explicit camera footage of Rayna and Jake together in a cabin, Rayna categorically denies the dirty deed was done.

Below Deck's Jake Foulger on My Seanna
Bosun Jake Foulger has definitely been a breakout star on Below Deck season 9 (Screenshot, Bravo).

Rayna wrote in response to a fan asking about regrets of having sex on camera, “We didn’t have sex, nothing happened, a clear point of how reality TV is fake. We didn’t sex at all.”

Rayna Discussing Below Deck & Scenes With Jake Were Fake
Rayna wrote in an Instagram Q&A that reality TV like Below Deck and her supposed sex scenes with Jake are all fake (Instagram).

Below Deck fans would have a tough time believing Jake and Rayna didn’t get it on. Second Stew Fraser Olender ran out of the room in disgust, announcing to other crew members he thought the two were about to have sex.

Rayna Dislikes Reality TV & Wants to Do Serious Acting

In another answer to a fan, Rayna said she plans to stop watching Below Deck season 9.

“Jake told me to stop watching, he stopped watching it. Imma try [sic].”

A couple weeks ago Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger, who shaved his moustache and head recently, said he only watched a couple episodes of his season then stopped, finding it boring and not an accurate portrayal of all the fun times had on the yacht.

Rayna has repeatedly said she is over the Bravo reality TV show and is now planning to do serious acting.

“I’m really doing bigger things. I have a lot bigger things coming out. Y’all gonna hate me when you see me on Netflix,” Rayna said on an Instagram story video in a car.

“That’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t give a f*** about this reality TV s***, this happened over a year ago. No one gives a f*** about this s***.”

Is Below Deck A Scripted Show Or Real

Although Rayna says the show is fake, Bravo show producers maintian Below Deck is real and not scripted.

Fraser, previously on British reality TV show Made in Chelsea, spoke with former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier on her podcast, and both said Below Deck is real, not scripted.

However, the end of each episode clearly gives credit to a group of “segment producers”, “story producers” and “editors”. Below Deck season 1’s Chief Stew Adrienne Gang has said that the show is a mix of real and fake. Producers purposefully hire inexperienced crew members in order to cause drama and problems on the yacht. Furthermore, the show’s production crew will push certain narratives and selectively edit footage to portray certain storylines that might not entirely be true.

Rayna’s comments really makes one wonder how much of the Heather N-word controversy is contrived as well.

What do you think? Do you believe Rayna when she says her hooking up with Jake was fake? Do you think Below Deck is real or scripted? Leave a comment below!

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