Clues Below Deck’s Jake Lied About His Ex Girlfriend & Fiancé Paris

Jake Talking To His Fiance Paris On Below Deck Season 9
Below Deck season 9’s Jake story about his Australian fiance/girlfriend Paris doesn’t quite add up (Screengrab, Bravo).

Below Deck season 9 fans were left dumbfounded after Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger‘s phone conversation with his alleged fiance Paris Field on episode 11. Was he lying about his relationship status with Paris?

After kissing Deckhand Ranya Lindsey earlier in the season, Jake let slip he’s engaged to a girl named Paris. Rayna was upset, not knowing she was fooling around with guy who wasn’t single. Bizarrely, Jake said the whole engagement was a sham, and that his “friend” Paris needed him to marry her so she could live in England. His alleged fiance is Australian, so it shouldn’t be tough at all for Paris to get a work or student visa in Britain without having to marry a player like Jake. He also excused his cheating on Paris as fine because they have an open relationship. So Jake never made it clear exactly what his relationship status was with Paris, but his contradictions left clues.

Below Deck's Jake Foulger's 'Fiance' Paris
In episode 5 Jake Foulger explains that he is engaged to his Australian fiance Paris Field to help her stay in England (Screengrab, Bravo).

Who Is Jake’s Ex Fiancé & Girlfriend Paris

Paris Field is a model, world traveler and Instagram influencer from Australia, where Jake likely first met her when he went on a trip down under.

Instead of moving to the UK, Paris now lives in Tulum, Mexico. She’s also traveled across the states, most notably party in Las Vegas, chilling in LA, and flying in a private jet to New York.

The 26-year-old blonde bombshell also likes sunbathing on beaches and posing next to sports cars. Paris’ Instagram is laden with pictures of her living her best life in her twenties.

Did Jake Lie About His Relationship With Ex Fiancé Paris?

At some point on the show, Jake pretty much lied or was being completely disingenuous about his relationship with Paris.

After initially breaking the news about his fiancé he tried to explain their relationship in vague language.

“I really care for Paris, and I know she cares for me, but we’re nowhere near ready for marriage. She understands what I’m like, and she knows that I’m going to be doing all this crazy s***,” Jake told Below Deck producers on camera. “I just feel like you’ve got to spread all the love. All the love, baby.”

“We’re not together,” he also said on the same episode. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

My how things have changed since then in episode 11 when he’s on the phone with Paris.

“Just causing chaos. Yesterday we had the day off, and we were all so plastered. Three-way kisses, all getting naked,” Jake informed his alleged fiancé.

“That girl that you kissed before?” Paris asked, sounding annoyed.

“Yeah, yeah, we almost had sex last night,” Jake responded nonchalantly.

“F***ing hell, you absolute wanker,” said Paris.

Then Jake explained to the camera why his supposed buddy, definitely not his girlfriend or real fiance, was upset.

“Me going out kissing people, Paris let’s that slide. But I don’t know how she’d fell with me hooking up with people I work with. I think it would really hurt her feelings. And I don’t think it’s worth blowing what we have for one night.

“Okay, I’m going to have to hang up,” Paris said abruptly to Jake to end the phone conversation after his confessional.

Jake & Paris Broke Up

Whatever Jake and Paris were back during Below Deck season 9, they are no longer dating or engaged. Jake has answered fans’ questions about his relationship status by saying he is single. He also divulged someone broke up with him a couple months ago, but it’s unclear if it was Paris. Perhaps Paris gave Jake permission to makeout, but once she saw it on TV it was too much to stomach.

Or maybe the two agreed to have a pretend relationship and breakup for more attention and followers on Instagram.

Either way, Jake’s evasive, contradictory answers about his alleged girlfriend need to be answered. Hopefully Andy Cohen grilled Jake on the Below Deck season 9’s reunion episode filmed last Sunday.

Make sure to watch Below Deck at 8 p.m. EST Monday night to find out more about Jake’s shady relationship.

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