The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Mr. Wrong’, Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

Rachel moves too fast for boyfriend Dustin, who’s a bad fit in The Bradshaw Bunch to begin with. Mr. Wrong won’t be around for too long.

When we last left the Bunch in episode 2, they were working their way through various jams. Terry needed his daughter Erin to step up and take his place in an impromptu monster truck race.

A Bunch of things wrong with this Mr. Wrong

The ladies are trying on dresses at Esé Azénabor in Dallas, and Rachel has her eye on something very specific: a tiara, as well as a wedding dress. Sister Erin is worried that she’s jumping the gun.

None of the family are shy about their dislike of Dustin, the object of Rachel’s affection. Namely: he’s too smiley, too into his Instagram feed, and not enough into Rachel. But Rachel, who sorely misses her gone-too-soon husband, is ignoring Mr. Wrong’s obvious red flags pointed out by The Bradshaw Bunch.

Another member of the family who’s not entirely into it is Noah, Lacey’s husband. He’s still not sure about moving to Texas. At least he’s making an effort as he and Lacey check out houses to rent.

The Bradshaws do try to bring Dustin into the fold by inviting him to a family BBQ. While Chef Noah applies his culinary talents, Dustin can’t be bothered to help out. Terry proposes a toast- “To family- but not you, Dustin.” Dustin can only muster another of those upper-teeth smiles in response. It’s pretty clear that there’s no room in the Bradshaw Bunch for Mr. Wrong at this point.

Only a few days later, Dustin goes AWOL, leaving poor Rachel out in the cold. When we next see Rachel, she reveals that she and Dustin are no more. Luckily, papa Terry is there to comfort her with tequila and ice cream.

Father and daughter comfort one another with a song as the show goes off the air. Terry may have been right about Dustin, but he’s careful not to rub it in.

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