Ashima From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

Ashima From Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Everything to Know About Prahyuman's Wife

Pradhyuman Maloo’s dazzling and super-expensive wedding to the beautiful Ashima Chauhan was the visual highlight of Indian Matchmaking Season 2. We learned that Ashima is a skilled singer, extremely fashion forward, and can easily match wits with her new husband. The normally guarded Pradhyuman has been very open about how being challenged was a major turn-on for him. There is obviously a lot more to Ashima than just being Prahdyuman’s partner, however. Let’s see what we can find out about her life before she was introduced to us.

Ashima Has Extensive TV Acting Credits

They include MTV India’s Love School, ads for the Jammu Region (near Kashmir), and anti-workplace harassment PSA’s.

While Pradhyuman is much more of an introvert and behind the scenes worker, Ashima is at her best in front of a camera. Check her out in the video for Indian rapper Emiway’s 2019 single, Jallad.

Ashima Had Her Heart Broken

Before Prahdyuman came along, she was very close to her Love School co-star Ali Raza Sheikh. They were planning to marry until the truth came out on another Indian reality show Ace of Space, which follows a Big Brother format. Singer Deepak Thakur dropped a bombshell after his elimination from Season 2 of the show. He revealed that many contestants were lying about their real relationships. Many of the show’s relationships were, well, just for show. One such contestant was model Nikita Bhamidipati, who was revealed to be sleeping with Sheikh. This forced Ashima to publicly reveal that she had known the truth for a while.

Singing & Music Are Ashima’s Life

Anyone who watched Indian Matchmaking is aware of her musical talents. However not many people are aware that she can play the guitar. You can see her demonstrate this skill in this Insta video.  She also has a talent for dance, being it traditional or modern. As she says, “The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”

Ashima Takes To The Water

Ashima has always loved water, and since her relationship with Pradhyuman began she has spent more time there. Here she is getting ready for a scuba exploration.

Ashima’s Working It While Working Out

No one gets to look like Ashima without some serious gym time. Her routinesroutines clearly show that she’s never one to skip leg day.

Ashima Balances Business With Pleasure

As a model, Ashima has put her skills to work showing off jewelry from Pradhyuman’s Nornament line. Lots of posts showcase the couple trying on pieces from their collection.

Ashima Is A Proud Progressive Activist

She has been spotted working with Swacch Barat, also known as Clean India Mission. She participated in cleanup efforts in Allahabad and also receives awards for female empowerment.

Ashima Loves Friends & Has A Favorite Character

Ashima shares Monica’s competitiveness and organizational skills. Here, she shows off a bunch of “Monica” looks for her Instagram fans.

Ashima Is A Resilient, Independent Gemini, Birthday, Age

June 8 is Ashima’s birthday, and she is 29 years-old now. Ashima’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Geminis value loyalty and dedication in a romantic partner, and Pradhyuman seems to be giving her both as of now.

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