Pradhyuman From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

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A show like Indian Matchmaking doesn’t just exist to show us love stories, it’s also meant to wow and dazzle Western audiences. There’s a reason why all the participants — including Sima Aunty herself — are wealthy professionals with stable and established families. Even if you don’t like their personalities or behavior at times, these players are impressive, and perhaps nobody embodies this aspect of the show better than Pradhyuman Maloo.

Pradhyuman is Deeper Than He Seems

Fans who criticize Pradhyuman Maloo for being childish, self-absorbed and superficial are missing the point (and, as we’ll see, are probably wrong, too). When you’re watching him live lavishly or get married in a ridiculously over-the-top ceremony, your image of what India is or could be is changing without you even realizing it. Learning more about who he is will help explain how he pulls this trick off.

Pradhyuman Comes From A Very Wealthy Family

Pradhuyman Maloo is best known for being the public face of Nornament jewelry, but he actually got his start from his mom Sushma, who passed her business on to her son. Sushma describes the tough time she had establishing herself as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated field. Pradhuyman’s father Chand Ratan Maloo also owns his own company, Maloo Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. Pradhyuman is very dedicated to his business, but he’s clearly standing on the shoulder of giants. Whenever he can, Pradhyuman gives credit to his dear mother Sushma, who is a presence in season 1 of Indian Matchmaking.

He’s A Lot Smarter Than People Give Him Credit For

Although his English isn’t as polished as some of the other characters on Indian Matchmaking, Pradhyuman Maloo has a degree from a top business school in the UK and apparently speaks five languages. He’s clearly very knowledgeable about architecture and religion. He can also deeply explain all the thoughts and planning that went into the creation of his family’s puja (prayer/ritual) room.

Pradhyuman is Skilled At Making Public Speaking

When Pradhyuman Maloo was accused of being gay by online haters, his response was mature and well considered. He turned it into a wider discussion about the narrow spectrum of masculinity and showed solidarity with the LGTBQ+ community, and he took the opportunity to humblebrag about his cooking and fashion skills. He even spoke out about trying to understand the mindset of his haters. Also, most of his Instagram posts have a caption long enough to be a short speech. These aren’t deep insights, but everyone can understand them. Again: the goal here is to impress.

Cooking Is One Of His Passions

Pradhyuman Maloo has opened his own restaurant in Mumbai, Ekaa, with his wife Ashima. He specializes in exotic ingredients such as foxnuts, which literally smoke in your mouth as you eat them, and (as per the Ekaa Instagram page) grains and fruits and natural ingredients sourced from all over the world.  But you can also find fare from different cultures, which is a definite choice to show that India can be as cosmopolitan as any nation.

He Doesn’t Like the Limelight

In this interview, Pradhyuman Maloo confesses that being on camera for long periods of time took him out of his comfort zone. With his expensive clothes and tastes, it’s not that he doesn’t enjoy attention. It just really seems like he enjoys being in control, and that the thought of being caught in an unguarded or vulnerable moment bothers him. When he talks about memes made of him in this interview, he tries to laugh along with the joke, but he’s clearly a little rattled too.

Sima Aunty Is A Friend Of The Family

Matchmaker Sima Taparia prides herself on knowing everything there is to know about their clients. But Pradhyuman Maloo was happy to reveal that his family and Sima’s are close friends. So Sima had a lot of personal knowledge to work with! They are both proud to call Mumbai home. It makes sense that they would run in the same high-class circles.

He Supports The Female Cast Members

Some have pointed out a double standard on Indian Matchmaking. Women are criticized for rejecting potential mates while Pradhyuman Maloo supposedly rejected 150 women. (For his part, he says that the profiles of “150 women” were all presented at once and he was just narrowing it down.) But, Pradhyuman has praised controversial castmates like Aparna Shewkramani who won’t settle. He says, “I think it’s good that she’s taking her time to find what she wants.”

He Can Mix A Mean Cocktail

In one Insta post, Pradhyuman Maloo takes us point by point through his thought process for creating a sushi cocktail! We also see him collaborating with Ashima to produce another concoction shortly after she is introduced in Season 2. Pradhyuman likes his liquor, but he uses it to create, not to just get hammered.

Pradhyuman Loves The Water

Lots of Pradhyuman Maloo’s Instagram posts show him on the water. He can be found sailing, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, or piloting boats large and small. Mumbai is right on the water. That’s why it makes sense that Pradhyuman would have developed an interest in aquatic activities from an early age.

His Heart Is In The East

Most of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on Indian Matchmaking are thoroughly assimilated Americans. Not Pradhyuman Maloo, however. When he travels, it’s to Dubai, Doha, Malaysia, the Philippines, or Egypt, with the occasional stop in a European city.

He’s A Netflix Fan

There was one facet of Pradhyuman Maloo’s mind-blowing wedding celebrations that you would have had to be there to notice. It was the night-before-the-wedding celebration. Guests dressed up like bank robbers from another Netflix hit show, Money Heist. Why Netflix missed their chance to cross promote, we’ll never know!

He And His Wife Have Undeniable Chemistry

Pradhyuman Maloo’s wife Ashima Chauhan is, like him, fashion conscious, creative, and social media savvy. They like to compete with one another in a playful way. She is a lot more of a free spirit while he’s meticulously detailed. Let’s hope they keep finding happiness together!

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