What Happened To Chef Rachel After Below Deck Season 9

What Happened to Chef Rachel Hargrove After Below Deck Season 9

Chef Rachel Hargrove’s life only got busier after starring on Below Deck. She became a fan-favorite for her crude humor and mouth-watering cuisine creations. The five-star chef’s public profile grew astronomically after millions loved her acerbic personality and cooking on the show. So, here’s what happened to Chef Rachel after Below Deck season 9 stopped filming.

Rachel Starred In Below Deck Season 10 Alongside Chief Stew Fraser

Chef Rachel was spotted in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia at dinner with a new yacht crew including Below Deck season 9 co-star Fraser Olender. It turns out they were on a crew dinner while filming Below Deck season 10! (Since season 9, Fraser announced he now works as a chief steward on superyachts, so he’s the first male chief stew.)

Chef Rachel received gallbladder surgery in early January of 2022, which was perfect timing considering she shot the show a month later.

Rachel’s Instagram also went pretty quiet at the time of filming throughout February and March of 2022. Fans can expect to see Chef Rachel on Below Deck season 10 in the late fall. However, Rachel thinks she may be edited out. Rachel recently trashed Bravo and Below Deck, saying she is done with the toxicity of reality TV.

Guess who’s sat right opposite the Below Deck team from belowdeck

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Chef Rachel Quit Below Deck & Blasted Bravo Bullies

Earlier in the summer of 2022, Chef Rachel announced she was quitting working on Below Deck and its TV network, Bravo. She had a bad experience with fellow Bravo celeb, Southern Charm‘s Austen Kroll. Chef Rachel later revealed on Another Below Deck Podcast that she and Austen met in her home city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they got along at first. She says their strictly platonic friendship went south quickly though from his bad verbal behavior towards her tied to substance abuse.

Chef Rachel then released texts between herself and a Bravo PR person. The Reality TV network rep tried to get her to retract her Twitter statement calling Austen a “narcissistic twat”.

Apparently this set off the mercurial yacht chef further because she then went on a social media tirade against Bravo and Below Deck. She said she hated the show and that Bravo’s pay to Below Deck cast is bad. She even created a subreddit called “cootergate” on Reddit to further break the fourth wall of the show. For example, she recently discussed how charter guests are encouraged to complain while on a Below Deck superyacht.

Bravo responded to Chef Rachel going rogue by putting her in touch with the Below Deck psychiatrist. (All cast members on reality TV have to get a psychological evaluation before appearing in a show.)

A few weeks prior to that brouhaha, Chef Rachel got dragged on the Internet for fat-shaming Tyra Banks. Rachel says she was serving Tyra her just desserts after the former America Next Top Model host said she was plus-sized in an audition. Looks like Chef Rachel recommends revenge is dish best served ice cold.

Chef Rachel went pretty quiet on her social media once Below Deck season 10 began airing in late 2022. However, in the start of 2023 she began trashing Bravo and Below Deck again, suggesting the show is fake.

Chef Rachel Bought A Bus To Tour America

Back in the spring of 2021, Chef Rachel bought a school bus converted into a “skoolie” to live in and tour America.

So far she hasn’t looked like she’s had time to do a tour, but she’s also planning to put in an oven on the bus. Perhaps Chef Rachel will use her bus, named Lindsay, to open up a food truck restaurant.

Chef Rachel Is Single After Her Breakup With Long-term Boyfriend

Chef Rachel was dating her “Italian George Costanza” while first starring on Below Deck season 8. Rachel and Vincenzo broke up because they were spending too much time apart in their long-distance relationship. She said that the COVID-19 pandemic delayed her return to Vincenzo even longer, which contributed to the breakup.

Rachel confirmed she is still single and that she likes it that way on Another Below Deck Podcast.

Rachel Continues To Travel The World Cooking As A Private Chef & On Yachts

Chef Rachel continues to share some of her food dishes and work travels on Instagram. She currently appears to be working another charter yacht job after sharing her ordering food provisions. Since Below Deck season 9, she’s traveled in places like the Bahamas and Italy.

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