Love Is Blind: All Of Kwame’s Red Flags On Show

Love Is Blind: All Of Kwame's Red Flags On Show

The name of the show is Love Is Blind season 4, but being blind to flaws isn’t what they meant. When it comes to her fiancé Kwame Appiah, Chelsea Griffin is either very patient or very focused on becoming a married woman with kids. The problem with Kwame is that he seems to want to hide or rationalize his issues. Guys like Zack Goytowski and Paul Peden may be socially awkward but don’t have obvious skeletons in the closet. Marshall Glaze seems attracted to fixing toxic women but his intentions are clearly good. Then there’s Brett Brown, who’s very particular in his likes and dislikes but has his life very much together. Kwame’s shiftiness means that for fans of Love Is Blind: Kwame’s red flags are going to need to be tallied up.

Love Is Blind: Kwame’s Red Flags — Is He Ready To Commit?

Love Is Blind's Kwame talking to Micah and showing that Chelsea is clearly his second choice

Love Is Blind‘s Kwame talking to Micah and showing that Chelsea is clearly his second choice (Netflix).

You’d have to be blind to ignore Kwame talking about “compromising” every time marriage comes up. In addition to his messy apartment and the fact that he’s still not over Micah Lussier, there’s the issue he has with kids and relocating to Seattle — and losing his precious running path. Let’s not forget that at his fiancée’s birthday, he was still chatting Micah up and telling cameras she had a special place in his heart. Any one of these problems could be worked through, but the combination of all of the above signals big trouble. While it seems as though Kwame and Chelsea said yes at the altar, we’ll see on the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode whether they are still happily married.

Also, we still can’t get over Kwame’s dirty apartment. He doesn’t appear to know how to keep a place tidy, which should be a major red flag for Chelsea. Would her dad Charlie still approve of the engagement after seeing Kwame’s place?

Kwame is genuinely struggling with the idea that he can’t just stay the same and be happily married. You’d think at age 33 he’d be ready. It’s a relatable problem but Chelsea is very clear about expecting him to change. Maybe she believes that he will if given a supportive environment and lots of love. Or, maybe she’s the flip side of Marshall and is attracted to “projects” or just settling down with whomever. Fans have tried to ship Chelsea and Marshall together for this very reason, although there’s a significant age gap there.

Love Is Blind:Kwame’s Red Flags — Self Hate (?) and Married At First Sight

Internet detectives are motivated to find what else Kwame is hiding. Some have focused on the issue with his name — his actual first name is Alex, but goes by Kwame. They read self-hatred into his story about not being able to pick up his prom date because he’s Black. One Reddit thread, entitled “Kwame- self hate“, breaks this dynamic down for those who may be skeptical. Redditor Misty1965 said, “I can’t even imagine a black woman who exclusively dates [white] men using the name Angela instead of Akua.” Is he with Chelsea because he’s not quite over this bad experience? It’s pretty complicated, because as US Magazine reports, Kwame is getting hate for being with a white woman on the show.

What’s less complicated is that Kwame has tried to get married on a reality show before. Elite Daily reports that Kwame can be seen in background clips in season 10 of Married At First Sight. The 2019 date of these clips show Kwame has used reality TV to find love for four years. We don’t know if Kwame told Chelsea, but it does make Kwame look like the Bartise Bowden of this season. Is this why his mom was so unsupportive when he called her? Going on a show where you marry someone on the spot raises questions about being ready for a serious relationship.

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