Love Is Blind’s Marshall: Job, Age, Birthday, IG, TIkTok & More

Love Is Blind's Marshall: Job, Age, Birthday, IG, TIkTok & More

Love Is Blind season 4‘s Marshall Glaze makes it out of the pods with a fiancée to go on a romantic getaway and then live together back in Seattle, Washington. “The emotional connection is a very intense high,” Marshall describes his partner in the trailer. Marshall, a frat boy in college, apparently is a perfectionist who’s a hopeless romantic. Here everything fans need to know about Love Is Blind‘s Marshall.

Love Is Blind‘s Marshall: Marketing Job, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Instagram, TikTok

Marshall looking posing pensively

Marshall looking posing pensively (Instagram).

Marshall attended college at the University Baltimore for creative writing. He then worked at the University of California, Berkeley, as the school’s social media and content manager. He also managed the social media the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, which he’s now a member of. He’s now working at a tech company where he strategizes to promote and advertise Virtual Reality technology on social media for Facebook’s Oculus, per his LinkedIn. He previously worked as an intern at streaming service Hulu, too.

While working at Berkley, Marshall told the school about what plans he had for the job, “Brainstorming how to catapult the Graduate Division’s content and social media to the next level. There’s no other way to put that. I feel like a mad scientist filled with ideas on how to transform and transcend communication styles and methods.”

Marshall celebrates his birthday on September 21, and turned age 28 in 2022. On the show he was 27. Marshall’s zodiac sign is Virgo, explains why he’s a perfectionist, as well as gentle and kind.

Marshall predicting his favorite baseball team will win the World Series in 2025

Marshall predicting his favorite baseball team will win the World Series in 2025 (Instagram).

Marshall is close with his older sister and is a proud uncle to his niece Zoe. He’s a supporter of Black Lives Matter, too, according to his Twitter. He’s also quite the chef, and likes to show off some of the dishes he makes.

Marshall’s Instagram reveals he loves music, baseball, basketball and goofing around. Despite being a social media guru, he doesn’t appear to post much about his own life. Marshall’s TikTok only has several posts, too, but it seems like he might start posting more once Love Is Blind season 4 comes out on Netflix.


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? original sound – Coulda Been Records

Marshall’s also a big Baltimore Orioles fan and has a bold prediction for 2025. He grew up in Baltimore, before moving to the West Coast in Seattle.

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