Love Is Blind’s Josh: Job, IG, Age, Birthday, TikTok & More

Love Is Blind's Josh: Job, IG, Age, Birthday, TikTok & More

Bringing the jokes for season 4 is Love Is Blind‘s Josh Demasa guy whose position in the show is unclear. He does get a critical moment in the trailer, where he reacts to… something… with an over-the-top yikes face. He is standing between two other cast members sipping alcohol from the show’s signature golden glasses. But is he even in a relationship? Or is this Love Is Blind season 4 clip from the pod stage, before things get intense? It’d be nice to have a guy who pokes fun at the show’s more ridiculous moments while finding his person. Or maybe Josh is just Joshing around and is enjoying his few seconds of reality show fame while they last. Let’s find out more about Josh’s age, zodiac sign, birthday, job and more.

Love Is Blind’s Josh: Age, Zodiac, Birthday, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Family

Josh Demas from Love Is Blind season 4

Josh Demas from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Josh is a guy who likes to have fun but will leave you laying if you get on his bad side. He claims that lying and cheating are deal-breakers, which raises questions as to why he’s on this show in the first place. Anyway, Josh’s ripped physique is no joke at the very least. His socials are packed with pics of him flexing, working out intensely, pounding a heavy bag, or preparing to grapple someone. In his prime at the age of 31, Josh has been wrestling for a long time. He was on the Ohio State National Wrestling Team and is actually ranked #2 in the world for no-gi Jiu Jitsu.

Josh’s birthday is June 13th, which explains the dual nature of his personality as he is a Gemini. He also mentors his family’s ambitions, such as his little bro Domonick who’s won at least one state title. There’s also Josh’s little sister Tati and one more unnamed baby boy. However, he has lost one brother who wasn’t part of his immediate family — his fellow athlete Kosta Karageorge, who sadly passed in 2014. Josh is never shy about paying tribute to Kosta, and the normally jokey captions give way to tender reminiscences.

Josh joking around

Josh joking around (Instagram).

Love Is Blind’s Josh: Project Engineer Day Job, Comedian by Night, Instagram, TikTok

Josh joking about quitting social media for his mental health

Josh joking about quitting social media for his mental health (Instagram).

Josh’s Instagram promises a Love Is Blind season 4 spoiler, with the text “look what I pulled.” Then we get some still pictures of some door handles with the sign, “PUSH.” Very funny, Josh. We can see more of this self-deprecating humor throughout his Instagram, as Josh poses in a variety of off-the-wall locations while looking stylish. One photo has him in a strange location with female sex organs drawn on the wall. Another has him relaxing on an inflatable pink flamingo, and still another has him kicking back on a merry-go-round.

Josh is also an aspiring comedian.


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Usually we can find more about someone’s job by searching LinkedIn, but Josh doesn’t appear to have one. Josh’s TikTok exists, but you’ll only find two videos if you go. However, we do know that a Project Engineer is responsible for all aspects of large projects, from budgeting to stakeholders. So we know that Josh can be serious and responsible. Let’s hold out some hope at least that Josh does find someone, even if it isn’t on the show.

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Josh on vacation in Mexico

Josh on vacation in Mexico (Instagram).

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