Love Is Blind’s Jackelina: IG, Job, Birthday, Age & More

Love Is Blind's Jackelina: IG, Job, Birthday, Age & More

After an absolutely wild Love Is Blind season 3, Jackelina Bonds is ready to step up for Love Is Blind season 4. We don’t know who her partner for this season will be, but the trailer shows she made it through the pods in California. We can see Love Is Blind‘s Jackelina giving someone, or something, an absolutely obvious stink face as she hikes up her shades. Next, we see her tell another female cast member that she’ll keep an eye out for them. Finally, we can see her complaining that she and her partner do not have sex and whoever he is gives her a migraine.

This is incredibly early first impressions based on a (probably) misleading trailer, but Jackelina seems like a lot of fun although she might be a lot to handle. She definitely cements that impression with her comment that she will absolutely not tone it down.

The 27-year-old certified dental assistant says she’s here to find a daddy, which heightens the drama potential right off the bat. Are we going to be dragging Jackelina for her entitled attitude, or slamming her partner for his inability to step it up? It does seem like Jackelina makes friends easy and doesn’t have the sort of emotional issues that other contestants have had. She definitely has the potential to be one of the most popular contestants this season. Let’s review what we know about her before the show gets underway.

Jackelina Bonds from Love Is Blind season 4

Jackelina Bonds from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Love Is Blind‘s Jackelina: Friends, Birthday, Horoscope, Tattoo, Home Town

Jackelina celebrating her 25th Birthday

Jackelina celebrating her 25th birthday (Instagram).

Looking over Jackelina’s Instagram shows that she is part of a core four with contestants Kendra Patrick, Kacia Clark, and Monica Rodriguez. All of these ladies appear to have similarly bold personalities and while it’s not clear if all four made it to the engaged couples stage, they have definitely formed a powerful unit. Jackelina clearly leans into her bull-headed Capricorn personality, with a tattoo of the horoscope symbol on the back of her neck. Also, a date stamp on one of her many Capricorn stories reveals her birthday, December 27th, a couple days after Christmas. She loves to go all out for her birthdays, decorating the halls and getting into the holiday spirit as well.

Although Jackelina was age 25 on the show, she’s now 27.

Jackelina loves the California heat, but spends a lot of time in Seattle. Many pics and stories show her indulging in good food and rocking stylish swimwear. We can see that one of her favorite vacation spots is the lovely Palm Springs, California and she has plenty of stories from there. This is convenient, because Palm Springs is her home town! Jackelina loves a good drag show and enthusiastically watched one last summer while in Palm Springs at hot-spot bar Oscar’s. However, she does like her share of nerdy pop culture stuff as she shows herself taking in the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Based on her pictures, she loves Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, the Friday the 13th films, Game of Thrones, and the movie Elf.

According to Netflix’s Tudum, Jackelina has never had a actual relationship with a man since she won’t settle for just anyone but “her daddy” to start a life with.

Jackelina’s TikTok mainly shows her goofing around and mentioning her dental hygienist job.


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Love Is Blind‘s Jackelina: Hometown, School

Jackelina showing off her Prada purse and designer clothes

Jackelina showing off her Prada purse and designer clothes (Instagram).

Jackelina loves to play hard but she also loves to work hard. A 2021 graduate of Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Washington, Jackelina has a lot to brag about. She says that she was the President of her class, graduated with honors, and was the highest paid student to graduate from the program. We don’t know how or why they measure that, but, OK! Comments under these and other posts show that Jackelina has attended at least one Seattle Fashion Week boot camp. Jackelina also has no shortage of thirsty commenters begging her for collabs and offering to send her free jewelry. Whoever she ends up with on the show will have his hands full, that’s for sure.

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