Love Is Blind: Colleen Refutes Matt Abuse Allegations

Love Is Blind: Colleen Refutes Matt Abuse Allegations

Love Is Blind season 3 star Colleen Reed is defending her husband Matt Bolton from fans claiming he was and is abusive towards her. Armchair psychologist viewers jumped on Twitter and Reddit after watching the reunion episode. They claimed Colleen looked scared of her husband Matt. A lot of fans suggested Matt’s tone displayed on the show somehow proved he’s abusive towards Colleen. Now, Colleen is explaining why she looked worried on the reunion episode. She’s also dispelling the Matt abuse rumors fans are perpetuating.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Middle East, Colleen explained how they filmed the reunion after the first batch of Love Is Blind season 3 episodes were released on Netflix and she was stressed out from fans mocking her and her relationship with Matt with memes.

“Going into the reunion, I was not in good headspace as I was dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the negative commentary I had endured during the first few episodes. While I knew what I had signed up for, at that point I was not prepared for the gravity of strangers critiquing my profession that I am incredibly proud of, my character. [And viewers were] tearing down my body/physical traits,” Colleen told the magazine.

Colleen said she was stressed about the “embarrassing” pool scene with Cole Barnett at the Malibu ranch. She was worried it would hurt Matt’s feelings. Colleen also didn’t want Matt and her female cast mates to change their opinion of her. She became close with the other ladies she filmed the show with. Colleen was also anxious about more negative and toxic comments coming from Netflix viewers, too.

She said husband Matt was incredibly supportive and told her she was okay while filming the reunion episode.

Matt Feels Trust For Colleen After She Told Him About The Pool Scene Before Reunion

“After watching the scene, you know, she told me everything. There wasn’t anything that surprised me after watching it that she didn’t already tell me,” Matt said about watching the pool scene. He later told viewers he’s amazed at his wife’s work ethic balancing her PR job alongside being a professional ballerina. The two live separately still because they want to finish the leases on the rentals they currently live in. But they look forward to moving in together in the near future.

Colleen said she wished reunion hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey asked them more about their issues on the show. She wanted to clear the air about how their relationship developed throughout the process. A lot of the growth in their relationship was left on the editor’s cutting room floor.

“I do wish Matt and I were asked about and discussed our fallouts along with what led us from going to being unsure to saying ‘yes’ at the altar. Both Matt and I are well past everything and learned from our experience so then we are very open to talking about it all. I think it would have provided a lot of clarity for the audience.”

Meanwhile, fans misread Colleen’s anxiety over the toxicity from some of the fanbase as fear from her husband Matt.

“I noticed she wasn’t making any eye contact with him at all. That’s what gives the alarms,” said one reunion viewer on Reddit.

“Her body language was so telling. Any time Matt spoke she looked at the ground. I noticed this first at the wedding then again at the reunion,” another viewer commented.

“My impression was that she was just nervous to be there knowing that the pool party would come up. It didn’t feel to me that it had to do with Matt. I sincerely hope it’s not what you all are speculating,”

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