When Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion Airs & Cast Not On It

When Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion Airs & Cast Not On It

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 fans found this season to be one of the worst seasons in the Bravo reality TV yacht franchise’s history. That said, diehard Below Deck fans still want to watch season 7 to its conclusion. They want answers for the bad behavior of several crew members. The season 7 finale aired on Bravo at 8 PM EST on Nov. 14. Bravo announced the same day that Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode airs on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 8 PM EST, and it may be two episodes!

Bravo revealed the fashion looks the Below Deck Med season 7 cast wore on the reunion episode. Bravo also indirectly revealed two cast members not attending the reunion episode hosted by Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen. Chief Stew Natasha Webb, who got dragged mercilessly all season by fans, didn’t participate in the reunion. Many fans will be disappointed she won’t have to answer for playing Chef Dave and her lazy slacking off. However, Natasha did provide the network with a written statement and video that will be shown on the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion next Tuesday.

Below Deck Med: Jason Gaskell Deletes Instagram Account After Slamming Bad Show Edit

Also, less surprisingly, Jason Gaskell, who quit the charter season early, declined to participate in the reunion episode. Jason deleted Instagram after blasting his bad edit on the show.

Who Joins The Below Deck Med Season 7 Crew After Raygan Is Fired

Meanwhile, and very surprisingly, fired Bosun Raygan Tyler decided to join the reunion episode. Fans called Raygan a plant for Captain Sandy Yawn because she was the such a bad boss in their eyes.

The rest of the superyacht Home Malta crew, including Captain Sandy, Chef Dave White, Stew Natalya Scudder, Stew Kyle Viljoen, replacement stew Elena Dubaich, Bosun Storm Smith, Deckhands Zee Dempers, Courtney Veale and Reid Jenkins all attended the reunion virtually via webcams. Fans are disappointed they aren’t bring back the in-person studio reunions yet since the pandemic restrictions lifted.

What Time Below Deck Med Season 7’s Reunion Airs On Bravo & Are There Two Episodes?

Bravo will “premiere” Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 8 PM EST. The reality TV network already announced Below Deck season 10‘s premiere will air at the 8 PM time slot Monday night.

Below Deck Med‘s reunion episode previously always aired a week after the finale. (Except for seasons 1 and 2, which didn’t have reunion episodes). Bravo hasn’t confirmed if Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion will be in two episodes, like some previous seasons. However, the network did say the reunion “premieres” on Tuesday, suggesting there may be more than one episode. Some past reunions included two parts or episodes, but with the lack of popularity of this season and some cast members not attending, it would be surprising if Bravo decides to make Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion two parts.

“We’re covering the boatmances that rocked the yacht,” Andy promises, promising to fully audit all the drama from season 7. “We’re going through the drama from bow to stern.”

Below Deck Med season 7 fans can’t wait to hear more about the boat crashes, Natasha’s ex boyfriend, bad charter guests, Storm and Natalya’s failed boatmance, Courtney and Zee’s rumored romance, Chef Dave’s side of his failed romance with Natasha, and much, much more.

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