Raygan Tyler From Below Deck Med: What to Know

Raygan Tyler from Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is off to a rocky start as superyacht Home‘s bosun. Following in the big footsteps of Malia White, Raygan didn’t make the best first impression with viewers in episode one. Repeatedly disappearing for smoke breaks and ordering her only deckhand (the other two were late arriving on the yacht) Jason Gaskell around, Below Deck Med fans are pondering if Raygan will last the entire season.

In episode 2, things only got worse for Raygan when her whole crew finally arrives. She struggled coming up with a proper schedule or management style for her deckhand team. The review from the first charter guests gave Raygan and her team a poor grade. Captain Sandy expects the deck team to step it up on the next charter. But the Bravo preview for episode 3 foreshadows more trouble for Raygan. The The preview not only shows Chef Dave White getting jealous over Chief Stew Natasha Webb, but also reveals Raygan getting very drunk at the club the night before their second charter.

Raygan is From Essex But Grew Up In Turkey

Although Bosun Raygan keeps her Instagram account private, she did reveal some details about her life while on the show. Raygan let Below Deck Med viewers know she originally hails from Essex, England. However, she mostly grew up in Turkey, where her family moved once her parents started “some small businesses” there.

Raygan also revealed she loves to dance and started to going to the clubs as teenager alongside her mom. Perhaps she enjoyed clubbing before second charter a little too much, though? Some Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 super fans on Reddit revealed that Raygan allegedly gets fired by Captain Sandy. According to fans, some of whom have early access to new episodes from Peacock TV subscriptions, claim Raygan is replaced by a deckhand. In the second episode Sandy comments on how she’s impressed by deckhand Storm Smith’s leadership and experience, so he likely gets promoted. A female deckhand is also hired and joins the superyacht Home crew.

Raygan’s Previous Yachting Work Experience

Despite having a tough time on Below Deck Med season 7, Raygan has a wealth of experience working on yachts. Before going on the show, Raygan filled the roles of first officer, captain and mate on both sailing and motor yachts according to her LinkedIn. Raygan also mentioned on the show that she also previously worked as a chief stew on a boat, too.

Some fans are wondering if she was a plant, or if production had it in for her from day one.

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