Are Camille & Ben Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Are Camille & Ben Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Although Bosun Ross McHarg keeps shipwrecking his boatmance with Deckhand Katie Glaser, one romance continues to blossom on Below Deck season 10. Deckhand-stew-turned-only-stew Camille Lamb and Deckhand Ben Willoughby had an instant connection once meeting aboard superyacht St. David in Saint Lucia. The flirtations started right from the get-go. And Second Stew Alissa Humber‘s aggressive attempts to steal Ben away failed once Camille started twerking for him on the first night out. Now that Camille likely gets fired on the show soon, fans are dying to know are Camille and Ben still together after Below Deck season 10.

The showmance couple are still posting pictures on Instagram of them romantically together while filming together in early 2022.

Ben & Camille Kissing On Below Deck Season 10

Signs Camille & Ben Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Ben's Instagram Post Kissing Camille On Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck season 10 couple Ben and Camille keep posting pictures of the two smitten with each other while working on superyacht St. David in the Caribbean. Before episode 8 dropped, Ben posted another picture on his Instagram of him and Camille in a tongue embrace. The week prior, the Mississippi blonde bombshell posted another couple photo on her Instagram with the caption ” love is in the air”.

Camille & Ben Flirting On Below Deck Season 10

Last week Ben, who’s from Australia, also posted several pictures of the attractive boatmance couple together, too.


Are Ben & Camille Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Although the pair have remained coy about confirming the current status of their relationship, Camille’s on-screen nemesis may have let the cat out of the bag. After episode 7, Alissa accused Camille of being racist when confronting Ben for defending Camille from fan attacks for being lazy on the show.

“[You’re] literally living a delusion [because] your girl is racist as [bleep] and doesn’t want a black woman to give her two tasks at the end of the night. Never once tried to manage her, the only time I assigned tasks were at night [from pre-approved instructions from Fraser],” Alissa told Ben.

Alissa’s message and the two posting couple photos together implies Ben, age 27, and Camille, age 24, are still dating. However, the two may be teasing an ongoing romance simply for clout.

Camille On Below Deck Season 10 Said She Didn’t See Long-Distance Relationship Working

“He’s from Australia and that’s across the globe. It’s just not realistic for us to carry on. But yeah, at the moment like to keep it at the fact that I really like him,” Camille said about her on-screen crush. However, she did tell Ben at a crew dinner she wanted to share life with someone now and asked them if their relationship and feelings were real.

“Is it for real?”

“It is for real,” Ben said back. The two ended up hooking up that night, while poor Deckhand Tony Duarte tried to sleep in the bottom bunk.

“I’m falling hard for this girl right now. Oh, Ben. What are you doing?” Ben said in a post-production monologue in episode 7

“I’ve not felt something like this in a long time. I’m in a pretty happy place, I’ll tell you that,” the Australian yachtie from the Gold Coast added.

“I’ve been single for two and half years and [bleep], you’re the first chick I actually cuddled in a long time,” Ben confessed to Camille on the show.

Camille now lives in Florida, while it looks like Ben is back living down under. Fans will likely have to wait until the Below Deck season 10 reunion episode to find out if these two defied the boatmance odds and are still dating. More likely the two broke up due to the long-distance. That said, a lot of fans are still shipping the cute pair.

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