Below Deck Med: Chef Dave Hides In Bunker To Avoid Bombs In Ukraine

Below Deck Med season 7 star Chef Dave waits in a hotel bomb shelter while a Russian airstrike takes place outside (Instagram).

Chef Dave White, starring on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, hid in an underground bunker in Western Ukraine to avoid Russian bombing in the city of Lviv. The Russian military first started missile airstrikes of the largest Western Ukraine city back in April, killing seven civilians in that first attack.

Chef Dave is volunteering with nonprofit World Central Kitchen to cook meals for Ukrainian refugees. Before entering the conflict zone in Ukraine, he was cooking for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Chef Dave Woken Up In Hotel To Go In Underground Bomb Shelter

Dave posted several stories on his Instagram documenting the ordeal.

A speaker in Chef Dave White’s hotel room woke him up and instructed guests to go to the underground bomb shelter (Instagram).

First, Dave posted a story of him waking up to an alarm going off in his hotel room. The voice on the alarm spoke in English and told guests to go underground.

Next, Dave posted stories of him going down to the bomb shelter and then him sitting in the bunker.

“So, I’m currently in an underground bunker in the hotel. I got woken up by a an air alarm that goes off when they detect missiles,” said Dave on Instagram. “So just standing by in here, it’s pretty wild.”

Despite the danger, Dave didn’t seem to worry at all. He relishes in the danger of extreme activities. He regularly skydives, freestyle skis, cold water plunges and mountain climbs. His love of danger has led to many close-call accidents, including breaking his back last year.

Two hours after going to the bunker, hotel guests were allowed to go back to their rooms. Dave posted an Instagram story on Wednesday morning, showing kids playing in a town square in Lviv.

Bomb bunker Chef Dave White stayed in for two hours in the middle of the night in Ukraine (Instagram).
Dave posted a short video of a square in Lviv, Ukraine, the next day to show the eerie contrast of peace on the streets after the bombing (Instagram).

Dave isn’t just helping Ukrainian refugees by volunteering to cook for them and raise awareness of World Central Kitchen’s fundraising. The reality TV star is also raising money for his 2023 mountain climbing expedition of Mount Everest. He’s raising money for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

The Below Deck Med season 7 chef also recently shared praise from Captain Sandy for his exceptional cooking skills he displayed while on superyacht HOME.

“Some of the chefs I’ve had were incredible, but Dave is like no other chef I’ve ever had on the planet,” Sandy said in a Below Deck Med season 7 clip. “He is the true artist. It’s incredible to witness this guy at work.”

Meanwhile, Chief Stew Natasha Webb is getting dragged by Below Deck fans for leading Dave on in the show.

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